Why should I apply online?

September 30, 2022 |

Many users are confused about whether they should be applying for their NCCHC online or in-person, i.e., manually.

Online applications are easy, flexible & cost-effective. Being government approved, online applications are able to build trust & accuracy. It lets you take full control over your information & provides your result within the stipulated time without you moving a muscle! A hassle-free payment method also incentivizes users to choose this method over its traditional counterpart.

For your ease of understanding: –

No. Basis of Comparison Manual Application Online Application
1. Trust & Accuracy Manual data provided can be a little difficult to trust; questioning its accuracy & increasing the chances of errors. With online applications, the trust & accuracy of the data provided is high thereby ensuring a decrease in the number of errors.
2. Time Taken Manually it can take up to 5 days to simply receive & start the formalities. Electronically, the process of application & assessment can be done under 10 minutes.
3. Ease of Access The Identity Documents can take a much longer time to be authenticated. The Photo Identification Documents can be quickly uploaded online & verified.
4. Administrative Process Since it is manually intensive, the administrative process is very comprehensive. Being online, the administrative process is easy & flexible.
5. Payment The payment method is complicated & problematic in this case. It can be done through Net banking or Debit/Credit cards.