How to Sign a document?

September 30, 2022 |

When someone sends you the document for E-signing through Konsign; you will receive a link to the document in your Email. Click on the link and follow the steps:

And when you accept to sign the document; you will have to create your signature:

Click on the signature, and it will redirect you to the window where you can create your signature.

Choose the option mentioned below and proceed:

  1. A new window will pop on the right, asking you to “enter your name” or initials. In doing so, some specific predefined signature will be suggested to you both with your complete name and the initials.
  2. With the option given to “Draw” your signature; you can draw and start using the signature for the signing purpose.
  3. You can also upload an image of your signature and use it as a signature for the document.