Communication Integration

Communication Integration

The biggest gap in the Edu- Immigration businesses is communication. With the technology advancing, you must utilize diverse modes of communication to enhance connection with customers and step towards maximizing customer satisfaction.

You need to empower your business to gain the ability to record all communications with the customer, which helps you improvise customer service and decreases the response time.

Faithful yet cutting-edge integration expedites the task to a great extent offering many avenues of communication in the CRM.

  • KONDESK provides a holistic view of email communications. Integrate users’ Gmail, Outlook, and email addresses to send and receive emails directly from the system.
  • Ensure faster communication via SMS Integration & WhatsApp Integration. Overcome the need for multiple devices and installation of various applications.
  • Avoid switching between email clients and CRM Tabs. Well-integrated functions save efforts of copying contact numbers and email addresses from one tool and using a different tool to send messages and emails.
  • Extend the usefulness of the CRM to ease the work for sales and support representatives. Store internal/external interactions’ information in one place.
  • Strengthen Internal Communication. It is indeed a secure and faster way to share data internally.

Connect with your customer closely. Use Communication Integration