Scholarship & Referral

Scholarship & Referral

Long Process -Tedious Work – Record Maintenance – Continuous Tracking .

Stop yourself from doing all of this for your Clients’ Scholarship

Yes, prevent yourself from falling into this vicious cycle of running behind monitoring the scholarship process after you are done with huge record maintenance.

Problems You Faced to track the Client’s Scholarship:

  • You had to always worry about the imperfection in maintaining the records.
  • The approval process for the scholarship seems ever-lasting.
  • Keeping the track of the communication records and keeping it two-way consumes a lot of time.
  • Apart from all of this, the referral process adds to the tasks list.

We let you do it with ease:

  • We help you keep a track of the approval timelines.
  • With our record maintenance features, record keeping becomes easy.
  • Our CRM allows you to keep track of the transaction with utmost clarity and detail.
  • Our CRM features allow you to track the progress of the scholarship progress giving you peace of mind.

Scholarship Process is Simplified. Trust Us.