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As you consultants know that communication is key in the education & migration business. At KONDESK, we understand this and hence, introducing integration of Zoom. Allow your business to thrive without missing those important appointments with clients. Attend those meetings virtually now and deliver a great experience to your clients.

About Zoom

Zoom Meeting

About Zoom

Zoom is a widely-used platform by businesses across the world for conducting video-conferencing.

  • Businesses can connect and work remotely without interrupting the business-as-usual.
  • It supports large audiences and thus can host very large online conferences including video/audio, collaborations, chat and webinars.
  • It also allows to stream your meetings /webinar, etc., or any other event on Facebook making it easier for you to grow online presence.
  • Opt for Zoom Free or Pro version depending upon the size and needs of your company. Also, it supports Google calendar to keep everyone updated.
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What Zoom Does?


What Zoom Does?

Zoom presents an intuitive, reliable and easy-to-manage solution for businesses.

  • Simple and easy to create Zoom meetings and rooms with no need of IT support. One click to start and join any meetings.
  • One-to-one or one-to-many, Zoom allows teams to easily connect, collaborate and work with agility.
  • Zoom offers clients to connect via desktops, browsers, conference rooms or mobile devices.
  • No need to use various mediums as all you need is the single Zoom platform for meetings, phone, webinars and chat.
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Why connect Zoom to KONDESK?


Why connect Zoom to KONDESK?

Connect Zoom and accelerate growth. Here’s how:

  • Streamline Consultation:Whether appointment with clients, meetings with employees or webinars for students, streamline your consultation in one go.
  • All-in-one Platform:Integrating Zoom to your KONDESK user account will eliminate the need to shuffle between various platforms.
  • Sync & Automate:Since Zoom comes with Google calendar support, there is no chance for you to miss on any meetings or appointment with reminders in advance.
  • Do More with Less:Reduce your workload by working smart and not hard. By integrating Zoom to your KONDESK account ensure higher productivity.
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