Step 1 :  

User can go to the company setting for connect with the ZOOM for appointments/meetings.

Step 2 :  

In company advance settings user will open the integration.

Step 3 :  

Under integration section user will choose the “Appointments & Virtual Counseling” after that user will clicks on “ZOOM” icon to connect with the ZOOM.

Step 4 :  

By clicking on ZOOM icon to connect and sign in into ZOOM and enter the credentials.

Step 5 :  

Once user entered credentials it will open page where user needs Allow access of the ZOOM details to KONDESK.

Step 6 :  

ZOOM is now connected with KONDESK

Step 7 :  

After connecting with the ZOOM, user can go to the appointment section and open the calendar and clicks on the appointment time to schedule meetings.

Step 8 :  

By clicking on timing, add Appointment details popup will open and user can enter the details and save the details it will schedule appointment/meeting with ZOOM.

Step 9 :  

If you want to disconnect the ZOOM from the KONDESK then click on the ZOOM icon.

Step 10 :  

Once you click on the ZOOM icon it will ask for confirmation for disconnect.

Step 11 :  

By clicking on “Yes” ZOOM will disconnect and user will get below message.