6 Useful SaaS Tools While We Work From Home
6 Useful SaaS Tools While We Work From Home
August 11, 2020 | 6 min read

Let’s admit we all have literally detested working from home during the pandemic. No matter how much we always wanted to use our laptops, do the office work whilst eating that packet of chips, we have come to terms with the ever so revealing fact that it does not work one bit!

But is that entirely true? Have you wondered how you are still doing the job, still getting things done, still meeting the deadlines, still keeping in touch with your teams, working on your reports, and doing all you have on your plate? I am sure technologically we all have found new/old stuff to work with.

I mean who is not using Google Meet! Let’s also face the fact that we would have not been able to deliver our performance without the use of some extremely useful applications and softwares or software as an application (SaaS) as we know it.

Let’s see what applications we all have been using to keep things going.


I mean, who is not using Zoom? I don’t think there is a need for me to describe it here since we all pretty much know Zoom is used for video conferencing. Yes, we had Skype too but what’s different? Zoom can hold up to 49 videos with 1000 participants. It has HD video and audio calls, with almost no audio issues, screen sharing, whiteboard functions to illustrate projects on multiple screens all of which can be accessed on a smartphone or any other device. While we work from home, Zoom is the best go-to SaaS tool to conduct video meetings to discuss work or just catch up.


On Trello, you can create task boards and align them in different columns and have your team view and access it. Available in 21 languages, Trello can be used for personal as well as business purposes like project management, web designing, accounting, gaming, or any case management.

Trello is one of the most recognized tools that includes easy drag and drops options, editing, back up for information, group/teamwork, assignments, and notifications. No need to WhatsApp each other about the ‘status’ of your work. Just comment on the assigned column on Trello and those involved in the team will see it.


Mockplus is an efficient online collaboration forum that brings product managers, designers, and developers to work together. Comes free and is great if you are looking for an ultimate online design collaboration tool to be used remotely. very useful for IT professionals; one can easily organize team members, team/project settings, and project tasks.


  • Seamless RP and iDoc Integration
  • Backup and Versioning
  • Code Snippet Generation
  • Source File Management

Google Analytics

One of the most widely used services for analytics out there. It basically tracks and shows website traffic. For instance, if you want to know about your website audiences that view your website, this is the best SaaS tool for you. It gives you access to lead metrics, allows you to categorize visitors by traffic type, and even filter locations.

This tool is mainly for one to understand customer behaviors and suggest changes based on the results that Google Analytics shows.


Encrypt.me is mainly for you to ensure the safety and confidentiality of information. It reduces the risk of leaking sensitive information.

How it works – It establishes something called a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides a layer of protection between the internet and the device. Activates automatically so next time your employees are using a public Wifi, you can depend on Encrypt.me because it will secure all information. A must-have if you want to maintain security and confidentiality while working from home.


This is an extremely easy and useful drag and drop tool used to create impressive, appealing, engaging interactive online forms, quizzes, surveys, etc easily. If you are working from home and your job requires forms, surveys, questionnaires, then Typeform is your best friend. It is easy to understand, got a wide choice of embed options and pop-ups. You can add videos, images, and GIFs to make your forms more interesting.

Reconsidering the widespread popular opinion on staying home and not being able to work? Well, clearly you should. Thank god we are in an era where we have useful applications that we seemingly have taken for granted. Whether or not we are working from home, such applications are used by people across the world.

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