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Allianz Care OSHC

Allianz Care Australia Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

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Why Choose Allianz Care Australia OSHC?

Allianz Care Australia is our preferred provider of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is health insurance for international students that helps to cover medical costs while studying in Australia. It is a condition of your student visa to have OSHC for the duration of your studies here in Australia, unless an exception applies.
Allianz Care Australia OSHC offers International Students cover for hospital admissions, ambulance, as well as some cover for specialists, tests and prescription medicines. Students who purchase Allianz Care OSHC also get the following benefits:
  • Access to Allianz Care Australia Telehealth Services – powered by Doctors on Demand
  • 24/7 emergency and medical assistance via Allianz Care Australia’s helpline
Disclaimer: This is a summary of information and benefits. For the full exclusions, limitations, waiting periods, terms and conditions please read the Policy Document which is available at
Why Choose Allianz Care Australia OSHC?

Main Features of Allianz Care's OSHC

Find a doctor tool
Need a doctor?
Use the online tool Find a doctor to help locate a direct billing doctor (GP) near you.
Why use the find a doctor tool?
Visiting a medical provider that is a part of the Allianz Care Australia network of direct-billing providers simplifies your visit.
  • The doctor will submit your claim to us directly
  • You will not need to fill out any paperwork relating to your claim
Saves you time so you can focus on what is important during your stay in Australia.
Allianz Care Australia telehealth Services - powered by doctors on demand
Can’t get to a doctor? No problemt
Allianz Care Australia’s Telehealth Services – powered by Doctors on Demand offers access to doctors from your home.
Available to Allianz Care Australia OSHC members and select OVHC members (excluding Budget Working cover and Budget Visitors cover)
  • Speak to a qualified doctor 24/7 via phone or video call
  • Easily get a medical certificate, repeat prescriptions or doctor referrals for specialists or tests
All without leaving home.
Allianz Care my health portal
Take control of your health cover
Managing your health cover is easy with the Allianz Care MyHealth portal.
View your health care documents (COI, e-membership card)
  • Submit and track your claims
  • Purchase cover for your dependant spouse or child
  • Update your information
Allianz Care my health app
CCarry your policy in your pocket
The Allianz Care My Health app makes it quick and easy for you to:
  • Submit and track your claims
  • Add a dependant child or spouse
  • Access your e-membership card
  • Update your information
Download the app, then click on the Register Here link.
Note: The Allianz Care MyHealth App is only accessible to those over the age of 18 years old
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