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nib OSHC

nib Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

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Why Choose Nib?

Australia’s Fastest Growing Health Funds
nib has been around since 1952 and has built itself into the 4th largest health insurer in Australia. As one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds they have been providing health insurance to about 190,000 international students and workers in Australia.
Stayed Specialist of only Health and Life Insurance
nib has always prided itself to be a leading facilitator of proper healthcare and wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand. nib is specialist and haven’t diversified into any other sectors, hence, health and life insurance are their only unique focus, unlike others.
Large Network of Hospitals
nib having partnerships with almost 460 private hospitals in Australia allows its customers to avoid the long public hospital waiting lists and gets their medical services charged at the ‘gazetted rate’.
Save on your Money
Choosing nib Agreement Hospital helps your student save on out-of-pocket expenses and suit their needs (and their wallet).
Why Choose Medibank?

Main Features of nib's OSHC

24/7 medical support hotline
Access to a 24/7 medical support hotline Australia-wide. On campus support for students is also managed.
Everyone gets covered with nib
Whether your student is the primary visa holder, either single or with their partner/spouse and/or any children under the age of 18 as listed on the student visa; nib will make sure they all get covered.
Easy claiming with user-friendly nib App
Easy claiming with the user-friendly nib App. Simply take a photo of the receipt and submit to claim the fees.
100% of the hospital fees paid
If admitted in a private or public hospital having contractual agreement with nib, get 100% of the hospital fees paid by nib and keep the out of pocket expenses low.
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