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Bupa Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

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Why Choose BUPA?

Australia’s Largest Health Insurance Providers
Bupa Health Foundation is one of Australia’s largest health insurance providers. Since its establishment in 1947, it serves now around 15.5 million customers across the globe. Being a global healthcare service provider, it has expanded in no less than 190 countries around the world, including Australia as well as New Zealand.
Make the Lives of People longer, healthier and happier
Bupa started with the vision to make the lives of people longer, healthier and happier with utmost safety and care. So, no matter at what stage of life you’re at, Bupa offers a wide range of carefully tailored plans that best suits your health and pocket.
It’s the purpose that makes them different
At Bupa, it’s their purpose that makes them different i.e. helping the members to improve their health and prepare for the unexpected.
Global healthcare Family
It’s a global healthcare family that offers suitable health policies and runs a ton of community programs for people across the globe. It helps student enjoy their stay in Australia and New Zealand without stressing about the health care services.
Why Choose BUPA?

Main Features of BUPA's OSHC

24-Hour Student and overseas health advice lines
24-Hour Student and overseas health advice lines in 180 languages are present to provide basic assistance by doctors and nurses for simple health problems and other small helps.
Large network of hospitals and doctors
At Bupa hospital network and Bupa-friendly doctors, get paid for your treatment directly by Bupa without having to spend anything from your own pockets.
Provides unlimited emergency ambulance and treatment services
Access to unlimited emergency ambulance transportation and on-the-spot treatment for the same with Bupa.
100% MBS fees paid directly
With Bupa, if doctor charges 100% of the MBS fee then your student will be fully covered for treatment in hospital and out of hospital.
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