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About us

A software solutions company building focused, goal-driven and aligned Saas solutions for immigration consultants.
Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

We are focused, goal-driven and aligned to our commitment to scale up Edu-immigration industry processes by unlocking the power of information technology and digital automation.
Our Mission
Unlocking the power of technology by transforming it into simple yet efficient solutions
Our Vision
To innovate unconventional ways of working

Our Values

At KONZE, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our customers. We combine cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and a customer-centric approach to provide innovative SaaS solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. Our passion for excellence and commitment to empowering businesses sets us apart, enabling our clients to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Be Passionate

  • We live and breathe tech
  • We continuously evolve
  • We are thrilled with new ideas
  • We do it with passion or not at all

Be Your Own Boss

  • Be decisive
  • Feel the pain
  • Take a responsible approach to costs
  • Own your role, be accountable & deliver

Less Me & More We

  • We value people over positions
  • An individual can make a difference; a team can create miracles
  • Lead, recognize and help others succeed
  • We look out for each other through thick & thin

Optimism Above All Else

  • We are believers
  • Focus on the endgame
  • Quitting is not something we know
  • We turn our failures into opportunities


Promoter's Message
Being one of the leading software solutions company, we aim to change the perceptions of IT solutions. We constantly strive to develop innovative IT solutions to help businesses, across various industrial sectors, scale up their productivity, revenue and continuously experience growth.
In order to fulfil our commitment, we look for best talent who could fit in our work culture and incubate leadership qualities for constant growth of both organization and an individual.
Founder - Dharmendra Patel
Dharmendra Patel
He is the Strategic Advisor for KONZE Enterprise Pty Ltd. A distinguished business personality, whose career has spanned various areas starting from Education, Immigration, and IT Product Design to Distributed Systems Architecture.
Blending the perfect combination of his vision, passion, execution and strategic mindset, he established KONZE.
Depending on the type of project, the outcomes can be various – profitability, efficiency, effectiveness, visibility, market penetration, compliance, growth, and more. All of these outcomes have one common theme – being better at something in the future.
Palak Sir
Palak Shah
Chief Executive Officer
He is the backbone of KONZE. With 14+ years of experience, he has played a versatile role since day one. Being the thought leader, he has been known to share his technical knowledge and expertise not only in developing the products but also in marketing.
His go-getter attitude towards finding solutions has given a new direction to KONZE, ultimately leading to it becoming a recognizable brand. He is a powerful motivator and carries an amazing source of energy within, driving KONZEians to flourish and excel in every area.

Management Team

A team of thought leaders committed to taking the organization and its people to newer heights.
CBO - Maulik Chaudhary
Maulik Chaudhary
Chief Business Officer
Paresh sir
Paresh Mansingani
Chief Technical Officer
Michael Weir
Michael Weir
Corporate Advisor
Saji Jacob
Saji Jacob
Head of Business Development and Partnership (Global)

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