Appointment Flexibility

Appointment Flexibility

Need of an Appointment System in the CRM?

Keeping up with the time and managing multiple clients needs you to be organized and updated. From managing the lead’s follow-up, marking them according to the status of their business relations with you, and providing the required services, you need an organized appointment system. 

Benefits that an Appointment System has for you:

It streamlines your operations purposes.

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Helps you keep track of the progress.

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Makes business communication easier for you.

Why KONDESK Appointment Flexibility is the right fit
for your Edu-immigration Business? 

  • Choose the time period of the leads view (Monthly, weekly, daily, or a list).
  • Fix appointments based on the type of communication.
  • It helps you sync the meeting with Microsoft and Google Calendars.
  • You can mark the Lead based on follow-up, existing clients, staff, new clients, or social media leads.
  • Get timely reminders for the upcoming meeting.
  • View all the lead statuses marked in different colours in one place.

Now just imagine, if you could do all this in just a clicks. YOU CAN.