To push leads from Facebook to your KONDESK, here are the complete following steps:

Deployment Type
Kondesk Platform
Published Date
March 27, 2023
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  • The Facebook integration into KONDESK sets up a seamless transfer of your lead data from your Facebook accounts to your KONDESK CRM. It allows you to track all your leads from Facebook in real-time, by syncing your Facebook LeadGen form with KONDESK.
  • You must have an active Facebook ads page with a LeadGen form on it.
  • You must have an active Facebook Business.

To push leads from Facebook to your KONDESK, here are the complete following steps:

  • Integrate Facebook to the KONDESK using Authentication click on the “Configure” and fill the credentials the account will be connected to the KONDESK.
  • After the integration list of Facebook pages will be visible/click on the “Map Facebook form filed with KONDESK” to view the list of pages.
  • Map the Facebook form fields to the corresponding KONDESK lead fields.
  • Allow the Lead access permission to transfer lead data from Facebook to KONDESK
  • The leads will be visible in the Enquiry section in the Active Online Enquiry.
  • Create a test lead on Facebook, and ensure the lead data is pushed to KONDESK
Step 1 :

Go to the menu on the left-hand penal click on Company –> Integration –> click on the Facebook Configure.

Step 1.1 :

Once you click on the Configure, click on the “Login with Facebook” and it will redirect you to the Facebook login page after that click on the toggle button to activate the Facebook integration click on SAVE.

Step 2 :

After you click on the SAVE the “Map Facebook form filed with KONDESK” option will be visible.

Step 3 :

You can retrieve your Facebook Leads and migrate them to 1. Online Enquiry 2. Leads.

Step 4 :

Assigned CRM Set-Up

If the Assign CRM setting is not enabled, you will not receive lead data, or existing lead updates, in real-time. To enable this setting –

  • On your Facebook Business Account page, from the left-panel, click Settings, and then click Business settings.
  • On the Business settings screen, under Integrations, click Lead Access.
  • Select the page you have added to KONDESK CRM.
  • On the page tab, under CRMs, click the Assign CRM
  • Ensure that the KONDESK CRM is listed under Apps. If it’s not listed, then please authenticate the connector again on KONDESK.
  • On the Add CRMs and set permissions pop-up, you will see a list of all the CRMs that are connected to your Facebook Page, along with KONESK CRM.
  • Against KONDESK, click the checkbox, and then click Assign.
Step 5 :

To test the lead please click on the link: Click here for more information


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