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Delighted to be the Delegate at the 15th Annual ICEF Australia New Zealand (ANZA) Conference
Delighted to be the Delegate at the 15th Annual ICEF Australia New Zealand (ANZA) Conference
July 12, 2022 | 6 min read

Let’s take a sneak peek at this grand event.

Highlights of the Event:

Conducted at Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia, it was the 15th Annual ICEF Australia New Zealand (ANZA) conference.

Felt delighted to participate in the ICEF ANZA B2B seminar and connected to some of the best international educators, student recruitment organizations, and other service providers.

Showcased SaaS products that would help them run their business processes smoothly and efficiently.

Ensuring utmost safety and speed with our robust range of IT products and unparalleled user experience.

The Meet-Greet Event

A Unique B2B Event:

ICEF ANZA is the market leader in business-to-business networking events focused on the international education sector. Such a unique global program of in-person and online networking events helps education agents and Edu-migration service providers connect under one roof. Overall, these events are carried out with a single motive – enhancing global student mobility.

The 15th annual ICEF Australia New Zealand (ANZA) conference was all about getting connected with the international education industry. And it was an unparalleled opportunity for us to reach the largest global outbound student market.

This hybrid meet and greet event, which spanned four days – June 14 to June 17, welcomed attendees in-person at the Adelaide Convention Centre and virtually from all over the world.

The Interactions:

We met the top international student recruitment agencies, educators, and other service providers from around the world who had an emphasis on Australia and New Zealand education and migration industry.

At the same time, the education providers got the chance to network with leading global student recruitment representatives and IT firms like us who are focused on these significant study destinations.

Both nations are very appealing study-abroad destinations because they provide top-notch educational, travel, and lifestyle possibilities at moderate price structures.

Thousands of students and young travelers are sent to the county each year by the myriad educators, industrial service providers, work & travel organizations, and international student recruiting consultants.

Get a Glimpse of It

The Focal Point

We strengthen our connections by meeting professionals from all facets of the global education sector at the ICEF ANZA session. And everyone in attendance was interested in forming new alliances and deepening existing associations.

Introducing Feature-rich Tech Products:

We presented our avant-grade tech products – KONPARE, a tool to compare OSHC & OVHC policies;  KONCHECK , the ultimate solution to get background checks & Australian national police check reliably; KONSIGN, a platform for availing electronic signature safely; SearchMyANZSCO, a perfect tool to check occupational eligibility for aspiring emigrants; and KONDESK, a robust CRM optimizing education and migration business workflow.

The skilled and reliable individuals of international student recruiting firms paid much heed to our SaaS products that are aimed at simplifying their student placement-related operations.

We met several eminent organizations that run to facilitate the experience of international students by providing services pertaining to the education and migration sector.

These include organizations that provide housing for students, insurance and financial service providers, organizations in charge of testing and accreditation, associations and institutions of higher learning, and suppliers of logistics and supplies enquired about our Edu-migration SaaS-based software.

The Subsequent Step

We are a team of highly qualified IT experts and management professionals that are committed to providing user-friendly IT tools that will make users streamline their workflow. Our wide range of helpful features speeds up the operations and imparts a supreme user experience.

One crucial feature, available in all our IT products, that drew attention was the ‘White-labeling’ solution. This will let education and migration consultancies or providers use their own brand name and theme.

Hence, it will be easier for them to increase awareness about their services and reach new prospective students or aspiring emigrants.

Ending Note

At the ICEF ANZA B2B conference, we discussed the future of global education for both study locations – Australia and New Zealand.

Here, we interacted and exhibited high-tech tools that automate Edu-migration consultants and firms’ business processes with utmost safety. We continue to provide robust solutions with a view to enhancing global student mobility.

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