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Digitally Empowering Nepal’s Edu-Immigration Business
Digitally Empowering Nepal’s Edu-Immigration Business
February 25, 2023 | 7 min read

To implement this, on 24th February,KONZEheld an extraordinary launch event in Nepal with the generous sponsorship of the NIB Group. The event was a grand success and was graced by the presence of a diverse group of education and immigration agents from across Nepal.

At the event, KONZE showcased its innovative approach toward education and immigration services. The attendees were treated to a plethora of exciting presentations, interactive sessions, and informative discussions. The event provided a platform for the agents to network, exchange ideas and collaborate with KONZE towards achieving their common goals.

Details of the event:

KONZE’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Palak Shah, C-suite executives & managers, and NIB Group representatives were present at the event to express their support and gratitude for this collaboration. During the event, Palak Shah spoke about KONZE’s mission and vision to empower Edu-Immigration Agents all around Nepal. The team discussed their plans for further expansion and showcased their exclusive and effective SaaS-based platforms that empower immigration agents to grow their businesses.

The agents were very pleased to see how KONZE was striving to make it easier for agents in Nepal to develop products focused on the Edu-Immigration industry. They were impressed by the business model of KONZE and praised its ability to bridge both international students and university management together under one roof.

Press Meet:

We did a press meeting before the event, CEO Mr. Palak Shah highlighted the key advantages of the company’s products and their ability to provide cost-effective solutions to the education and migration industry in Nepal along with the company’s commitment towards providing the best quality products and services to its clients. CBO,Maulik Chaudhary,shared about the company and its ideas and abilities to make a difference in the industry with the quality service that Konze will provide.

The leaders also announced their plans and described how Konze can help the Edu immigration business in Nepal grow and increase its overall productivity.

Emergence excels Experience:

It was an exciting day that marked the launch of SaaS-based products especially designed for the Edu-Immigration industry in Nepal. Representatives from various OSHC insurance providers from Australia gathered virtually to explore opportunities to engage with potential clients. With much enthusiasm, everyone was ready to make this a successful endeavor and contribute towards a brighter future.

It was a successful launch event that brought together over 100+ consultancies in Nepal. It provided an opportunity to recognize the importance of collaboration in achieving greater success across multiple platforms and demonstrating commitment towards developing an optimistic future for all.

We were delighted to have Edu-Immigration agents join us at this event, as it reflected our commitment to fostering strong relationships with our partners to ensure growth and innovation. We understand that in a competitive industry, it is essential to empower agents and equip them with the necessary tools and information to succeed. As we expand our organization, we prioritize investing in these high-performance activities that will enable us to make the most of our resources and ultimately lead us toward success.

With this event we foresee an opportunity for both, ourselves and Edu-Immigration, to gain invaluable insights into one another’s work and generate new ideas on how to better sustain and progress in the industry. We recognize that collaboration is crucial for growth, and we look forward to continuing this relationship and working together to achieve great success.

Our guest and keynote speakers also highlighted their services during this event. Deepak Bhardwaj, Country Head of India from NIB presented NIB’s services and its partnership with Konze. Swapnil Karmakar from BUPA highlighted BUPA services and its partnership with KONZE. Charmaine Bowry from AHM/Medibank highlighted its services and partnership with KONZE.

Thanking the attendees and NIB:

We extend our utmost gratitude to each attendee at the Nepal launch event. It was their valuable support and commitment that played a crucial role in ensuring that the importance of this event and SaaS-based solutions were carried through to them, and we cannot thank them enough.

We hope that they found this experience rewarding and enjoyable! We are incredibly thankful to the attendees for their unwavering commitment to the Edu-Immigration industry. Their invaluable contribution has made this occasion even more special and meaningful, and we hope to continue collaborating to accomplish our shared objectives.

Ending Note:

At the end of the event, everyone expressed their appreciation for this collaboration between KONZE and NIB Group, signaling their hope that this would be just the start of more events like this one in the future. Both companies have shown a commitment to helping international recruitment agents meet their goals through technology-based solutions.

We are grateful for NIB’s continued support during this launch event, and we look forward to working together again!

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