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12 Ways Esignatures Drive ROI in 2024: Streamlining Document Workflows
12 Ways Esignatures Drive ROI in 2024: Streamlining Document Workflows
December 01, 2023 | 10 min read

Electronic signatures are revolutionizing the way businesses manage documents, streamlining processes and dramatically affecting their return on investment. In a recent study, it was shown that electronic signature has positive effects on corporate efficiency with an estimated return on investment of more than 300%.

It is important for businesses to understand this technology and its use in improving their activities, given that eSignature solution are increasingly being used. Before we delve deeper, let’s first understand what is eSign and it’s ROI:

Esignatures vs. Paper Signatures:

For centuries, contract writing and binding agreements have been based on the use of original paper signatures. However, the limitations of paper based processes are becoming apparent as businesses grow and transactions become more complex.

A number of drawbacks to paper signatures are as follows: the need for a physical presence of Signers, lack of document distribution efficiency and the risk that documents may be irretrievable or destroyed.

On the other hand, eSignature software is a digital solution to these problems. eSign eliminate the need for physical paperwork, ink and mail by allowing individuals to sign documents electronically. Signers will be easily able to attach their electronic signatures from any location with an internet connection, thus facilitating cooperation between time zones and geographical regions.

What is ROI of Esignatures?

The Return on Investment (ROI) measures profitability of an investment. In order to determine the effectiveness and success of a specific investment, it is vital that companies calculate their Return on Investment. The Return on Investment, is an indication of the real benefits and cost savings that eSignature solution entail compared to traditional paper signature processes.

In fact, the return on investment of eSignatures is not only about making money but also factors such as increased productivity, improved security and a better customer experience.

How Esignatures Drive ROI?

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency is at the heart of a successful business operation. Productivity and growth can be hampered by the time spent manually performing tasks. The transition to eSignatures software enables enterprises to simplify the flow of documents, cutting down on repetitive tasks like printing, scanning and mailing. The result is quicker decision making and shortened contract closing, which in turn increases overall productivity.

Increased Safety and Compliance:

In a digital age, security and compliance are paramount. eSignature software is equipped with advanced safety features such as encryption or multifactor authentication to ensure authenticity and integrity of signed documents.

Direct Cost Savings:

The adoption of eSign may result in substantial cost savings for businesses. Companies can save significant amounts on office equipment and associated expenses by removing the need to buy paper, printing, postage or storage space. Furthermore, employees can concentrate on more high value tasks and make full use of resources by reducing the administrative workload associated with physical documents.

Better Customer Experiences:

In this customer-centric era, the creation of exceptional experiences is crucial to build brand loyalty and retain customers. The convenience of esignature makes it possible for customers to sign documents from anywhere at any time, without the need for in person visits or physical documents. The speed and ease of eSign, resulting in better customer satisfaction and a higher chance for repeat purchases and referrals.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

Businesses are increasingly adopting sustainable practices as awareness of the environment grows. eSignatures play a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint associated with paper-based processes. Businesses that use eSignatures and go paperless are aligning themselves to environmental values, which resonate with consumer and stakeholders concerned about the environment.

Esignatures Drive ROI

Revenue Acceleration:

Time is money in business. The swift execution of contracts and agreements that are facilitated by the eSignature service is resulting in increased revenue generation, as well as a better cash flow. Companies could accelerate the closing of transactions, make quick use of available opportunities and increase their competitiveness in the market.

Innovation Speed:

In a rapidly changing business landscape, innovation is crucial for maintaining relevance and success. eSignatures give businesses the means to adopt innovative processes and explore new ways of conducting business, giving them a basis for digital transformation. Leveraging eSignatures allows companies to be both forward thinking and proactive in dealing with emerging market trends.

Risk Reduction:

In the digital age, data security and privacy are of paramount importance to businesses. In the absence of traditional signatures on physical documents, potential violations or unauthorized access are left open. The eSignature service offers robust security measures, including encryption, authentication protocols and audit trails, to mitigate these risks. Businesses are better able to protect sensitive data and confidential documents, as well as their reputation and customer confidence through enhanced security.

Industry-Specific Business Advantages:

When it comes to document management, different industries face unique challenges and requirements. KONSIGN provides unique benefits for specific industries, which takes into account their particular needs and challenges.

For example, faster approvals of credit and a better customer experience can be obtained by financial institutions while the patient consent form may be quickly completed by health care professionals leading to improved healthcare and regulatory compliance.

Improved Tracking and Record-Keeping:

It is important for businesses that records are organized and made easy to access, in particular with regard to audits and compliance reports. E Signature make it easier to access and retrieve signed documents and audit trail, with sophisticated tracking and record keeping capabilities. These streamlined document management processes simplify internal and external audits, leading to savings in costs and time.

More Flexibility and Accessibility:

In a world of interconnected networks, commercial transactions frequently involve stakeholders from various parts of the globe. ESignature allows documents to be signed from any device with an internet connection in order to promote a seamless collaboration between teams and partners, wherever they are based or time zones. This ease of access facilitates the effective cooperation across borders and also reduces the need to transfer physical documents, saving time and resources.

Greater Accuracy:

Errors can occur in manual input of data, leading to costly errors and disputes. ESignature eliminates the need to process documents manually, reduces the risk for data entry errors and guarantees that their signatures are accurate and reliable. This improved accuracy is contributing to a better flow of transactions and reducing the risk of costly errors.

KONSIGN – Save Money and Increase ROI

The choice of the right eSignature solution is crucial to business, as its significance for driving return on investment becomes apparent. KONSIGN emerges as a leading player in the eSignature landscape, offering businesses of any size a user friendly, secure and efficient platform.

Companies could accelerate their document processes, reduce operating costs and achieve significant returns through the use of KONSIGN’s power. KONSIGN – advanced esignature software makes it possible for businesses to function at the highest efficiency, allowing them to streamline their contracting and approval processes.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, for businesses seeking sustainable growth and success, the adoption of electronic signatures is no longer a choice, but a necessity. In addition to saving costs, the 12 ways eSignatures drive ROI also include improvements in effectiveness, increased security and quality of customer experience.

Unlock the tangible benefits eSignatures can bring to your business as you embrace a digital transformation with KONSIGN. You can streamline your processes, cut costs and unlock the full potential of your business!

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