How KONPARE assists Education Agents Save Time and Improve Efficiency?
How KONPARE assists Education Agents Save Time and Improve Efficiency?
December 05, 2022 | 5 min read

What is a common way of Education agents to gather up-to-date data and information regarding any overseas student insurance policies?

The obvious answer to this would be to put it in Google and browse each and every website showing a different interface, keeping a close eye on the offers, prices and everything that the clients want to know.

Let’s not forget the all information is subject to change too. This task is apparently a long-drawn-out process for data is dispersed across varied websites and updates occur quite randomly and frequently.

Let’s take an example: Your client has asked you to provide information on a particular health cover and he wants to know about pregnancy and related services. You will obviously look for the best one and in order to know the best one, you will have to know about all that is available, that too in a limited time.

For this you might naturally refer all the Insurance providers’ websites or search the entire web for information related to what exactly is covered, how long is the time frame, whether any discounts are offered.

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In general you want to know what’s best. Logging in into web may be easy but this whole process can be extremely time consuming and tiring. Honestly, who needs more stress?

We know exactly what Education Agents need. They need a single platform that helps them avoid all the stress and wasting time looking for things that are scattered all over the web.

So, here we came up with a one-stop solution for your situation, i.e. KONPARE, a tool for registered Education Agents like you to receive all the up-to-date information on Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) directly on ONE page.

  • You can easily compare the plans and decide on your own what’s best for the client.
  • Instead of linking to the homepage, every information on this page is linked to its official and trusted source to that specific webpage, saving your time in further research.
  • We designed our website in such a way that it will showcase the relevant information and emphasise on all the aspects mentioned within. Below is how the page will appear if you use KONPARE.
  • You can email the information with a personalised quote with your brand name and contact details.
  • Let’s take a look at another benefit of tying up with KONPARE. It provides a Widget tool that can be integrated on any website, that too effortlessly. You will be able to integrate the Widget to your website, on your own and customise it to your preference.

We wanted to keep it extremely easy to make it a part of your website interface so the steps are simple and anyone can follow. It does not get better than that, does it?

Integrating the Widget on your Website?

Let’s discuss a scenario where your clients want to evaluate the plans themselves instead of coming to you. This Widget will be fully accessible to them and assist them in faster comparison of the OSHC Policies by visiting your website. Not only that, but they can also email the quotes to themselves or download the details.

In some cases, a client may look for particular discounts before buying a policy. As an Agent, you must notify them at the right time so that they can buy it. But, it’s quite not feasible to keep an eye regularly on the service provider’s website.

You may miss out, and that could lead to disappointment from the client’s end. No one likes to be questioned on their efficiency, primarily when the business is based on relationship.

However, we will provide you with a weekly and monthly newsletter that contains the updated information on the discounts, ongoing promotions and much more.

You may receive the updated information through your Agent portal as well. Our focus is to keep you updated with the smallest changes happening.

With only a few clicks, we seem to provide all of the vital information for you. These functionalities keep you ahead of time and energy, which can help you concentrate more on the needs of the clients than the quest for knowledge.

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