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How to Improve Leads & Brand Awareness 

November 25, 2022 |

It is not uncommon to come across the word ‘Lead’ when you are in an industry where your targeted audience may or may not be hard to find and you are under some sort of pressure to constantly have leads in order to keep the business sustained.

What does ‘Lead’ mean?

Leads are your potential customers. They are your clients. They are everything you need for you to bring in the revenue and these are people essentially interested in your product or service, trusting you with your work. 

Finding potential customers can be a task, but it’s easier when you use the right way and the right platform. Look around, technology is advancing at a much greater pace than before. Clicking the right button can get you places, virtually and physically. All thanks to technological innovations. 

So How Do you Improve Your Leads? 

1. By Staying Relevant and Using up-to-date Technological Innovations. 

What is KONPARE ? 

It brings you a ‘life made easy’ platform wherein you can look up and compare different health covers on one single page that your client is looking for. Basically, choosing the best health cover out of the many available is now easier and stress-free in a much more efficient way. 

How KONPARE Helps? 

  • Reduces efforts in browsing 
  • Helps manage time 
  • Increases efficiency 
  • Easy to use 

KONPARE comes with a Widget. Integrating this Widget into your website is as easy. The Widget becomes a part of the website and can be customized as per your preference, so your website and the Widget don’t look different from each other and yet have their relevancies intact. 

2. By Making your Brand More Visible. 

Let’s talk a little about White Labelling here. A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. 

Brand visibility makes a huge difference. When you have a logo, show it. Not only will this inculcate a feeling of brand presence in your clients but doing this also scores word of mouth. 

Wondering How? Personalized Quotes 

By using KONPARE, you will be able to send a personalized quote to your client that will include your company logo. An email with your logo creates a lasting impression. 

Creating an impression is key to delivering superior quality of service and in a market full of competitors, creating and maintaining a lasting relationship goes a long way in creating brand awareness as it spreads through word of mouth and generates leads. 

Technology and its advancement have always been and will always be a part of the marketing strategy to sustain in an ever so thriving industry where competitions are high! 

Getting Leads and Brand Marketing by including Technology, KONPARE 

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