How to make the most out of your CRM?
How to make the most out of your CRM?
December 30, 2022 | 6 min read

If you are on your way to adopting the first CRM for your business, then it’s natural to have a few questions. This even applies to those moving away from older CRM and lead management systems.

With the technological advancements made in this field as of recent, the potential for growth, speed, and ease of working has never been better.

As we enter an era where 360-view CRMs are common, it has become even more important to find the one that is the right for you.

Making the most out of your CRM –

6 pointers to get the most out of your CRM

1- Plan your implementation

It is essential to envision how the adoption of a CRM can help your business achieve its goals. Jot down all the areas you are looking for improvement in and have realistic objectives you want to achieve.

Then you can move on to how you would like to implement the changes you are welcoming to your organization.

Through KONDESK, you are provided access to a support team that helps you plan this implementation to the smallest detail. As a leading CRM in the Education & Migration industry, you are promised the tools and support you need to get started on your journey of efficiency.

2- Enhance the experience of our clients

With clients forming the backbone of your business, it is essential to ensure they have the best experience possible. Modern CRMs allow you to tweak this based on the industry you are in.

In KONDESK, we provide you with the ability to provide Client 360* services. These help you better retain clients who trust you for a high-quality experience.

This includes a cohesive lead management system, that provides you with additional features such as appointment flexibility and client account & invoice settlement. In a nutshell, you are now using a CRM for appointment scheduling and a CRM for lead management.

3- Use critical information to improve your business

When we consider how fast-paced businesses are these days, it is getting more difficult to correlate data with forming actionable steps for improvement.

This is an essential step to the further expansion and growth of your business, with numbers helping you understand the bigger picture.

The core CRM abilities that come under the umbrella of ‘Business Intelligence’ in KONDESK, provide you with three salient features –

The dashboard for easier understanding, reports, and analytics to dissect information and document management for providing you with the ability to do everything on one platform.

4- Make business collaboration your business priority

For a modern business to survive, collaboration is slowly becoming an important characteristic of high-functioning teams.

Through a CRM, you are introduced to new practices and processes that must be adopted by every member of your company. Only then would you be able to witness serious change.

We make this easy on KONDESK, where you get a task management CRM. Essential additions such as integrations that enhance communication and facilitate coaching are also a part of it.

It is important to underline that businesses in the Education & Migration industry must embrace collaboration to ensure maximum productivity.

5- Improve your Commission & Agreement management system

It is expected for Education & Migration business to have various commission structures and agreements in place. For the accurate processing of these, a robust system like a CRM can help make tasks easier for your clients. It can increase accountability and transparency too.

Keeping this in mind, KONDESK is able to provide a module that ensures orderly commission and incentive management. This allows you to create the right structure that is empowered by the features of the CRM.

Recurring agreement management tasks are handled with ease, helping you solidify your business relationships with universities and agents. KONDESK also helps you improve how your workforce manages scholarship and referral requests.

6- Strengthen the foundations of your business

With a flourishing business, you are faced with new problems. It is important for continued success that you are able to control various parts of the organization in an easy manner. These could include a host of functions that form the lifeline of your services.

At KONDESK, we understand how important this can be. Under our Company 360* services, you cover a number of essential areas that improve performance and productivity.

Get seamless control of user management and HR processes. With so much control you are able to dictate and outline custom workflows. For the benefit of our clients, we also provide them with key administrative features

If all of this sounds too good to be true, you can reach out to our dedicated support team and enquire about KONDESK!

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