ICEF Vancouver: An event for Edu-immigration professionals
ICEF Vancouver: An event for Edu-immigration professionals
May 09, 2023 | 6 min read


ICEF 2023 Vancouver was one of the most remarkable events for the people in education and immigration industry.

It was one of the events that ICEF has been doing for 14 years; it is an exceptional opportunity for networking with industry experts, building relationships, and learning about new developments in the field.

The event was an excellent platform for us to interact with professionals who are actively engaged in international student recruitment and immigration. We were excited to share about our services and how our products can be beneficial and we could potentially collaborate in the future.

We highly recommend this conference to all Edu-immigration professionals who are looking for opportunities to network, learn, and collaborate.

Networking and Exchanging Knowledge:

At ICEF Vancouver 2023, we connected with agents and providers from over 80 countries, which was an incredible opportunity to expand our network.

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The event was an excellent platform for us to interact with professionals who are actively engaged in international student recruitment and immigration. The three-day event included meetings, seminars, and exhibitions that helped us understand the needs of our clients and how we can assist them.

It was an event where the professionals could arrange 38 one-to-one meetings.

Key Takeaways:

One of the main takeaways from the event was the importance of technology in the education immigration industry.

With the world going digital, edu-immigration agents need to keep pace with the newest technological advancements to stay competitive. With the world moving faster, agents need to work smarter and transforming their basic practices is just the beginning.

We also realized that many edu-immigration agents struggle with managing their data effectively. The sheer volume of data that agents have to manage can be overwhelming, and manual data entry can be error-prone.

The conference provided us with a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry professionals, learn about their needs and discuss new developments byKONZE.

Solutions by KONZE:

As an edu-immigration agent mentioned to us, managing leads for various services can be a complex task. However, KONDESK CRM can help simplify this process through its country-specific admission workflows. When a user selects a specific service,KONDESK CRMautomatically provides a complete flow for the lead based on the specific requirements of the application process for that country. This means that agents no longer need to worry about navigating the complexities of different application processes, as KONDESK CRM takes care of it all.

ICEF Vancouver ICEF Vancouver ICEF Vancouver

Moreover, they mentioned, finding the right OSHC policy is tedious and confusing as one needs to make sure it suits the client’s budget and all their needs.KONPAREcan be the best solution to find the best policy with complete transparency. It allows you to compare policies from the leading OSHC providers available on a single platform.

SearchMyAnzscois a tool developed for Edu-immigration agents to stay updated with the latest immigration laws regarding each profession’s eligibility. You are provided with the source links from the government sites so you can verify too. Every data is presented visually so you can compare and take quick decisions.

Another major obstacle faced by the industry professionals was of getting all documents signed on time. Also, getting thousands of agreements signed and storing them securely takes up a lot of their productive hours.KONSIGN, an e-signature platform with DMS can help reduce the gap. It allows you to store the signed documents individually for each department, allowing only the team members to access the required documents assuring every document is stored appropriately.

However, this platform can also be used by people outside the edu-immigration business as well.


The ICEF events continue to be a powerhouse for the education and immigration industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world. The conference provided a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry professionals, learn about new developments in the field, and discuss potential collaborations.

We learned a lot from our interactions with edu-immigration agents.

We realized that our expertise and services can help agents address many challenges that they face in their day-to-day operations. Our industry-specific software solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the edu-immigration industry and can help agents improve their operations significantly.

We look forward to continuing our journey of growth, learning, and collaboration with edu-immigration agents from all over the world by being a part of such events.

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