Internet 2.0 Conference: An event to promote learning and advance development in IT.
Internet 2.0 Conference: An event to promote learning and advance development in IT.
December 20, 2022 | 7 min read


Internet 2.0 Conference is a platform to promote shared learning and advance development in IT, data management, cloud­-based services, AI & machine learning, cybersecurity, and more by building a supportive environment for the shared exchange of ideas. Its Winter 2022 Edition was a three-day event (16th– 18thDecember) held in Dubai.

Highlights of the event: KONZE’s participation and role

  • We were all excited to be associated with this event and KONZE’s CTO Nilesh Gol, IT GM (KONPARE) Rakesh Prajapati, and IT GM (KONDESK) Rahul Patel attended the event.
  • The event included emerging & established leaders; and a remarkable lineup of keynote speakers and panelists, of which Nilesh Gol (Our CTO) was a panel member.
  • The first day of the event started with panel discussions and began with a fireside chat. The daily agenda also included brainstorming sessions with renowned speakers from the tech community.
  • Our panelists spoke about cloud-based services, one of the hot topics for small-mid-scale businesses, and the differences and advantages of different cloud computing services like SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS.
  • A recognition session was organized to honor the innovative and significant work done by the leaders in the tech industry. Our CTO, Nilesh Gol, got recognized with the “Outstanding Leadership Award” at the award session.

Focal Point – Key Takeaways

The Internet 2.0 Conference brought together leaders and experts working towards growth in IT, cloud-based services, data management, WEB3, Metaverse, Data Privacy, and various ways that are helpful to enhance the quality of life through technology.

We were glad that our CTO Nilesh Gol joined a panel discussion and spoke about the role of SAAS, PAAS and IAAS in data management. He also talked about IT solutions that cater needs of small-mid-scale businesses.

With technology influencing our everyday life, the event included industry leaders sharing their knowledge on new developments in the tech industry and how the technology help us grow in our fields. The event was a perfect place to immerse in tech conversations. With every discussion, we felt like we were walking toward transformation.

In conversation with KONZE’s CTO Nilesh Gol and team:

The event was held at a beautiful location overlooking Dubai Creek; the day started with a smooth registration process.

KONZE and KONDESK standees were placed right next to Internet 2.0 at the entrance of the conference room. The best networking was taking place at the tables placed in a closed space to have in-depth discussions. It was helpful to have one-one connections for future projects.

The award ceremony was inspirational, with people sharing their stories of hard work, dedication, vision, and struggles.

CTO of KONZE dedicated his award to his family, especially to his father for backing him, and his subordinates without whom he feels this journey would not be possible.

During the Panel Discussion on cloud-based services, there was an inclined agreement on SAAS technologies as the future. The point of focus included high performance, data management, and security. Everyone involved in the discussion agreed that security in the cloud-based services is a priority and, with further R&D, this will make SAAS a top business model element.

Mr. Nilesh Gol believes that every individual and organization is working towards the betterment of people and services. And will eventually lead us toward futuristic growth in the spectrum of technology.

Our CTO quoted. “Internet 2.0 Conference was one of the ultimate experiences of his tech journey so far, and such experience deeply influences you to go back home and work meticulously towards the vision he believes we are here to accomplish. To make this place better and richer in technology than it is.”

Ending Note

The Winter 2022 Dubai Conference was a huge success. KONZE appreciates Internet 2.0 for building this platform and encouraging the mutual sharing of ideas.

The event was an opportunity to meet like-minded people and explore crucial topics and new trends in technology. It was a great experience to dive into the tech world in such a short period.

Team KONZE is already looking forward to visiting the Internet 2.0 next year to meet & connect with fellow tech experts across the globe.

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