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KONPARE and It’s Remarkable Payment Solutions 

November 09, 2022 |

In the world we live in, monetary transactions have come a long way.

Cash is no longer king with the extremely quick adoption of digital forms of payment. 

The fear of being left behind is very real and at KONZE we are always looking to continue to adapt to the changing dynamics of the tech landscape. 

As we have always done, it is important to paint a picture here. Overseas Health Insurance Covers (OSHC) were traditionally purchased by education agents/counsellors for their prospective students. 

This process was usually done by having students either directly transfer the money into an organization’s account or handing over their card details. 

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  1. This required further administrative work, in which the policy was purchased and then handed over to a student. Unforeseen circumstances could also cause further delays. 
  2. This traditional process was slow and introduced lethargy to a business process that can be made seamless through existing tech. 
  3. Furthermore, there also is an issue of client confidence, where they would be required to hand over personal financial details and place their trust in the counsellors.
  4. Many students would also prefer to see through this process in person, which meant that those far away would be hesitant. 

With KONPARE, we aim to revamp a number of traditional processes that exist in the international education industry. 

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Our current purchase method see’s the generation of a payment link that can be sent directly to the students to purchase themselves. 

This empowers our counsellors and agents to adopt a more transparent process, where the privacy and security of their clients is the number one priority. It also does away with a lot of administrative work, which could involve complex excel sheets and accurate financial tracking. 

Ease of use, simplicity and seamless function are some of the core values based on which we design products at KONZE. Through KONPARE, we went straight back to the drawing board to ensure we covered all our bases. 

Our strategy dictated that issues that are minor and labelled as an after-thought today, are solutions that will be one day labelled game-changing. 

We promised to deliver enterprise value by perfectly blending our ambitions and your needs to provide cost-effective tech solutions. Our payment solutions are a testament to this and our commitment to continue to strive for change.

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