KONPARE And The Pie News Webinar on International Student Health Cover

April 04, 2022 |

On the 31st of March 2022, the webinar titled, “Delivering Added Value to Student Counselling”, took place amidst great excitement.

It drew viewers and guests from across the globe, who were looking to leverage their business with Overseas Student Health Insurance space.

While engaging and fruitful discussions took place, it was an important milestone for the international education industry.

As a collaboration with The Pie News, the panel of industry experts included:

  • Dharmendra Patel – CEO of Konze Enterprise
  • Tejas Patel – Director, Aussizz Group South Australia
  • James McNess – Director, Active Study Australia
  • Charmaine Bowry – Agent Relationship Manager, Medibank

“Technology will be at the heart of the international education industry over the next few years.”

The insights drawn from the webinar were praised by everyone in attendance. As the CEO of KONZE, Dharmendra Patel, presented KONPARE to the audience and answered many questions that were posed.

Most were curious as to how the product really empowered the education & migration consultants by offering comparison of OSHC & OVHC policies.

“We have become a jack of all trades and a master of all. There is an ever-growing expectation for agents to provide more comprehensive services to students,” stated James McNess. These sentiments were echoed by the other panelists, who noted the importance of auxiliary services.

Charmaine Bowry on the other hand highlighted the immense growth of KONPARE, noting that platform has already seen a sign up of over 800+ consultants. This in turn allowed providers such as Medibank clear access to previously untapped markets.

Transparency towards international students should be empowered through tech

James also added how everything was more ‘online’ now. “The tech facilities that are emerging really helped us in the post-covid environment,” he said. The panelists further added that the innovation introduced into the industry through KONPARE was setting the standard to be expected for the future.

The 60 minutes webinar saw over 120 plus guests tune into the discussion. Towards the end, Tejas Patel highlighted his hopes for the future of the industry in Australia.

“We are really looking forward to 2023 – where interest in Australian education will hopefully pick up to pre-covid levels,” he said.

We thank The Pie News for providing us with the opportunity to showcase how KONPARE adds value to the international education business and we look forward to conducting more events of the same.

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