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KONSIGN 101: Electronic Signature Platform to Elevate Your Business
KONSIGN 101: Electronic Signature Platform to Elevate Your Business
February 08, 2023 | 4 min read

Ideal for businesses at different parts of their life cycle, KONSIGN plays a pivotal role in improving business regardless of their industry. Currently, its superior use case examples can be found in the industries of HR, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing, and even Education!

Let’s take a look at two key features KONSIGN has to offer and why it may be a great fit for your organization.

Collaboration & Audit Trails

KONSIGN enables teams across departments to work together effectively. Documents can be easily shared and sent to individuals across the organization structure seamlessly. Interdepartmental communication is improved by leaps and bounds and this fosters a culture of heightened collaboration.

The built-in audit trails allow users to track activities on documents to look at the history and its current situation. This can be done for documents sent internally and externally. From a compliance perspective, this can be a huge added benefit for organizations that place a lot of importance on their documents and their security.  

Auto Tracking & Workflow Management

KONSIGN allows users to automate workflows and manage both internal and external documents with ease. The auto-tracking feature can be set up based on the user’s Document Management System (DMS). This means that documents are automatically tracked as they move through different stages of a workflow process, ensuring that all stakeholders are notified when there is an update or change in progress.

All of this can be done using the organization’s own storage drive. This negates the need for them to plan a move to a storage service that fits the needs of an electronic signature platform over that of the organization.

Additionally, KONSIGN’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to find documents quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time in the workplace. This could be critical for businesses that need instant access to documents as part of their risk-management framework.


KONSIGN’s e-signature platform provides businesses with an easy way to streamline their operations while ensuring secure document sharing and storage at the same time. With a focus on collaboration, it has never been easier to work as a team.

Its affordability makes it accessible even for small businesses on a tight budget while its convenience ensures that important documents get signed on time without any manual tracking required by the user.

Finally, its secure data storage system ensures compliance with industry standards for security and privacy requirements so you can rest assured that your confidential information is safe from prying eyes. View specific audit trails, track documents, and improve your workflow management with ease.

For all these reasons (and more!), it’s easy to see why KONSIGN is becoming one of the most popular e-signature platforms available today!

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