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Revolutionizing Recruitment: KONSIGN and JobAdder's Seamless Integration
Revolutionizing Recruitment: KONSIGN and JobAdder's Seamless Integration
April 16, 2024 | 3 min read

In the dynamic world of recruitment, the alliance between KONSIGN and JobAdder emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. This partnership signifies a pivotal shift towards streamlined recruitment processes, offering a seamless interface for handling document signatures within a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

As we delve into the intricacies of this integration, let’s explore how it enhances workflow, simplifies document management, and elevates the recruitment experience for professionals and clients alike.

Integration Features: A Seamless Workflow Experience

The collaboration between KONSIGN and JobAdder introduces a suite of features designed to optimize recruitment processes:

  • Unified Document Management : Directly within the JobAdder platform, users can now effortlessly create, send, and manage documents for e-signature, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems.
  • Elevated Productivity : By integrating KONSIGN’s e-signing capabilities, the time spent on administrative tasks is significantly reduced, allowing recruiters to focus on engaging with candidates and clients more effectively.
  • Enhanced User Experience : Both candidates and clients benefit from a streamlined process, where documents can be signed electronically with ease, improving the overall interaction with the recruitment agency.
  • Secure and Compliant : The integration adheres to the highest standards of security and legal compliance, ensuring all documents are managed safely and efficiently.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Notifications : Stay updated with the status of each document with real-time tracking and notifications, ensuring a smooth flow of the recruitment process without any delays.

JobAdder Integration with KONSIGN

How to Integrate from the KONSIGN Application?

  • Organizational admin users shall be able to integrate the KONSIGN application with JobAdder CRM.
  • The User must create a new organization in the KONSIGN application by following the mentioned path, Company → Add Organization → Enter required details and ’Next’ to create a new organization.
  • On successful addition of the organization, the user needs to select the organization from the right-hand side top, following the mentioned path, Profile Menu → Acting as.
  • Then, from the menu bar, the Users shall navigate the following path: Company → Integrations → CRM → JobAdder Connect.
  • By clicking on "Connect" the user starts the integration flow and is redirected to the "Get Started" page.
  • Once the user clicks on "Get started with JobAdder" and is redirected to the Login Page of JobAdder.
    • The User needs to enter the JobAdder credentials.
    • On successful login, the user needs to click on Accept to provide the required permission for the JobAdder application.
    • On successful integration, the user will land on the Thank You page. From the same page, the users can be redirected to the KONSIGN Dashboard as well as the JobAdder Application.
    • Note: If any one of the Primary or Secondary accounts of JobAdder is already integrated with KONSIGN, the following information screen will be displayed.

KONSIGN Option in JobAdder

  • On successful integration of KONSIGN with JobAdder, the users can find the KONSIGN option in the JobAdder application to send and get, both the Adhoc and Templates documents, signed.
  • The user can get the option to send the documents for signature through KONSIGN under these four modules on the Menu Bar of JobAdder.
    • i. Candidates
    • ii. Placements
    • iii. Contacts
    • iv. Companies
  • The user can see the KONSIGN option by following the mentioned steps under the mentioned tabs,
    • From the menu bar, the user can click on either Candidates, Placements, Contacts, or Companies.
    • On the selected menu option page, the user needs to select the checkbox, to whom they want to send the document for signature through KONSIGN.
    • Then, when the user clicks on the Action menu, the KONSIGN option will be reflected for them to choose.
  • The list of templates will appear in job adder whichever were added in KONSIGN.
  • After clicking on "Send for Sign", the below screen will appear, by clicking on "Preview & Send", the user will be able to preview the template and by clicking on "Send", the template will be sent to mentioned users.
  • Once the document sent gets successfully signed for the selected menu, the user can refer to the document under the Documents section for all the four tabs mentioned,
    • Candidates
    • Placements
    • Contacts
    • Companies


The integration of KONSIGN and JobAdder is a testament to the power of technological innovation in the recruitment industry. By simplifying the document management and signing process, this partnership not only enhances efficiency and productivity but also redefines the recruitment experience for professionals, candidates, and clients. As we look towards the future, the KONSIGN and JobAdder integration stands as a pivotal development, promising to streamline recruitment workflows and unlock new potentials in the way recruitment professionals connect with talent.

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