KONZE and Urban Vegas Honor Women in Tech: A Recap
KONZE and Urban Vegas Honor Women in Tech: A Recap
March 27, 2023 | 5 min read

As the 2023 DigitALL Presenter, KONZE proudly sponsored Urban Vegas’ Signature IWD event, which focused on celebrating women in technology through engaging discussions and networking opportunities. Both KONZE’s and Urban Vegas’ commitment to diversity and gender equality fostered a vibrant and inclusive community.

Event Highlights:

The Signature International Women’s Day event provided a valuable opportunity to acknowledge the essential role women play in the technology sector, showcase their accomplishments, and inspire future generations of women to consider careers in the tech industry. The conversations throughout the event emphasized the importance of gender equality in technology and shared KONZE’s ongoing efforts to promote and achieve this equality.

One of the key highlights of the event was a series of panel discussions featuring successful women in tech, who shared their experiences and insights on overcoming challenges and breaking barriers within the industry. These discussions offered valuable advice and inspiration to both aspiring and established professionals, demonstrating the unstoppable force of women in technology.

Signature iwd event Signature iwd event Signature iwd event

Another highlight was an awards ceremony that recognized the outstanding achievements of women in the tech field. The awards celebrated women who have made significant contributions to their respective areas of expertise, acknowledging their accomplishments and the positive impact they have made on the industry.

Interactive workshops and breakout sessions were also part of the event, focusing on skill-building and personal development. These sessions aimed to empower women to take charge of their careers, offering practical tools and resources to help them succeed in the technology sector.

Finally, the event featured an exhibition showcasing innovative products and services developed by women-led startups and established tech companies. This exhibition allowed attendees to see firsthand how women are driving innovation in the industry, disrupting traditional business models, and creating a more inclusive and diverse technological landscape.

At the Event:

A diverse audience of entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts, and students attended the event. Discussions covered various topics, such as the challenges women encounter in the tech sector and the critical role of mentorship and sponsorship in fostering women’s career development. The event showcased remarkable accomplishments by women in tech, including female-led startups that are revolutionizing industries and positively impacting society. These women were given a platform to share their experiences and inspire others to pursue tech careers.

KONZEand Urban Vegas demonstrated their commitment to promoting gender equality in technology through the event’s conversations and overall ambience. The gathering showcased the positive influence of diversity on innovation and urged more companies to prioritize diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. The celebration of women’s empowerment, diversity, and technology innovation provided a platform for crucial discussions and networking opportunities, leaving attendees inspired and determined to work towards a world where all women can realize their full potential in the tech industry.

Signature iwd event Signature iwd event Signature iwd event

Attendees networked and connected with like-minded individuals while enjoying delectable food and beverages. The event featured a lively atmosphere with music, and a surprise performance by a local artist added to the excitement.


In summary, the Signature International Women’s Day event by Urban Vegas and KONZE was a resounding success. The celebration highlighted women’s accomplishments in technology and underscored the importance of diversity and inclusivity in fostering innovation and creativity.

The event also aligned with KONZE’s values of innovation and creativity. The company believes that diversity and inclusivity are crucial components of innovation and creativity. By cultivating an inclusive and diverse work environment, KONZE can harness the unique perspectives and talents of all its employees to drive innovation and develop solutions that benefit society.

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