Why Choose Electronic Signature to Sign Your Documents?
Why Choose Electronic Signature to Sign Your Documents?
December 01, 2022 | 6 min read

The repeated task of manually signing documents can get tedious for your business work process. A Manual signature causes a delay in the work process that adds to an extra cost to your organization.

Thankfully, to solve the issues arising from the manual signature, we can make use of the Online signature platforms technology or Esigning to get our documents signed online.

Let us first start with understanding “what an Electronic signature is?” Following this, we will go into the advantages of using an Electronic Signature to make businesses more productive and cost-effective by minimizing repetitive tasks which will result in closing more deals during that time.

Electronic Signature

An electronic signature is an electronic way of representing the signature that can be used to sign your documents online at your convenience.

In Australia, electronic signature laws were formed in 1999 with the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA). With growing technology and legal acceptance, companies are increasingly adopting electronic modes of signing documents.

With encryption methods such as PKI, data security and data integrity are ensured.

How Electronic signature outruns the conventional method of signing documents:

1- Quick and Easy Process

The Electronic Signature process eliminates the lengthy process reducing the delay in the signing process as the document is sent Electronically to a signer in a few clicks.

To get your documents signed online, you can make use of the online electronic signature platform that eases your work; for example,KONSIGN, which helps you upload the document and send it to the specific saved contacts for getting your document e-signed.

2- Workflow Automation

The conventional method of getting the document signed needed a lengthy process that either required the sender or the signer to commute from one place to another which led to delays in the work process.

We can overcome this issue with an Online signature platform that eliminates these problems as it sends the document directly to the signer for e-signature and doesn’t cause any delay. And when the signer receives the document he can instantly start the signing process.

3- It’s the Future of Document Signing

With the growing technology and availability of resources, people have become known to use of techniques that would ease their work and help them save time.

In earlier days’ document signing work seemed to be tedious and time-consuming that caused a delay in the process and has always been a big problem.

Nowadays, professionals have moved on to use Online signature platforms for this work. And it is believed that this is going to pick up a pace and will be part of almost every Electronic document signing.

4- Cost-Effective and Increases Productivity

Signing documents online is cost-effective as it needs no physical documents to be sent to others as it can directly be sent via an e-signing platform. It reduces copy-making and delivery costs plus saves money. In addition to it, the most significant benefit of an Electronic signature platform is that it boosts efficiency that helps increase productivity for your organization.

5- No Manual Follow-ups

An electronic signature is an online process that requires no manual follow-ups as the document is sent directly from the sender to the signer in just a few clicks. Moreover, the platform has a system to notify all the signers involved in Electronic document signing.

6- Ease in Signer Authentication and Identification

When compared to the conventional method of signing, the Online electronic signature process is more authentic as they provide you with a certificate, and the entire document flow is tracked. The document is sent to the signer with the access code, thus limiting the information only to the signer.

The sender and signers are regularly notified during the entire e-signing process.

7- Data Safety & Reliability

The conventional method of signing the document was always prone to alteration or changes by different means. And often, online processes come along with a fear of data security, but during this process, there can be no alterations or changes can be made to the documents.

However, an Electronic signature platform such as Konsign secures all the data through SSL encryption and the AWS server and also delivers high performance.

8- Environment-friendly

The electronic signature platform eliminates the need for paper, which requires a considerable amount of trees and water for its production. Most of the process involves the use of paper, which has become an alarming concern.

Hence, electronic signature not only helps you save time and money but also plays a significant role in protecting trees and the environment.

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