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Why Small and Medium Scale Businesses must have a CRM?
Why Small and Medium Scale Businesses must have a CRM?
October 15, 2022 | 6 min read

What I found myself was right in the middle of solving, ‘Who can create a team?’

And should there be a middle ground to add another category of ‘a Captain or an Organizer’.

For most of the discussion I remained silent as I was the last one to arrive and didn’t wanted to interrupt the thought flow.

It was natural of them to throw a pool of different perspectives to come up with a solution. Or at least somehow fit in a space for ‘Organizer or so’ somewhere.

Understanding the user behaviour is critical for your app or a CRM software or a SaaS platform’s growth.

For me, it is astounding to wonder at times that how technology is helping to unlock the behaviour pattern of a user and delivering what they need.

A CRM software or a SaaS platform can help you with insights that can work marvel for your business. (take a look at the below figure)


Of course, finding the right one that might lead to success may take a few trail and error. Sometimes, more than usual.

But then what are these insights and how to leverage with them?

Many of those answers started popping up later in the session. Until then, the discussion had already moved onto modules testing and playing on-side off-side with functionality and design.

I found brainstorming sessions like these are must to ultimately gauge the use-ability of your app or the CRM.

Such kind of online portal carries one-size-fits-all approach. Starting from analyzing the mouse-flow to the buying history of customers helps you grow business with customer needs and satisfaction.

What a CRM can do for Small & Medium Businesses?

A CRM is a critical tool for upcoming businesses as it helps them with business model innovation. Moreso, help them draw their efforts towards creating economical, social and sustainable business models as per ‘’. Take a glance at the CRM benefit map from them.


CRM helps you build campaigns, formulate strategies and much more to fill the gap in your customer life cycle journey.

It may start from creating reward points, providing personalized recommendations, engaging users on social media, generating insights into consumer feedback to increasing satisfaction levels.

Take a quick look into the CRM case studies on big brands such as Apple, Uber, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, BMW and more.

On a wider scale, CRM software helps to manage entire consumer relationship cycle starting from initial purchase, after-sales service, cross-sell products, upgrade services, and recommendations.

Take a Comprehensive Look at Your Audience

Connecting your preferred tools and storing all of your contact information in CRM software can help you stay organized and boost your marketing efforts whether you’re starting from scratch with CRM software or importing an existing audience.

The best part is that you can send targeted messages to specific portions of your audience with only a few clicks, which visibly displays groupings within your audience data.

Put Your Contacts in the Appropriate Order

With all of your contact information in one location, using sales and marketing software to identify the right audience for your message is simple.

Take a look at the Customer Relationship Cycle from the Harvard Business Review.

Courtesy: Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation.


Learn How to Communicate with Your Audience.

It’s simple to learn more about your audience-from a high perspective or at the individual level. A CRM software helps you with growth, engagement, and revenue statistics to identify trends in audience behaviour and determining what aspects of your marketing are most effective.

Meeting the people behind the numbers is made possible through contact profiles, which also allow you to write remarks about personal preferences and go further to discover the behaviours that led to a purchase.

Create a Customized Experience for Each Client

With the insights from a CRM tool, you can ensure that your marketing speaks to specific clients across marketing channels.

Make campaigns feel like a 1-on-1 conversation in real time, emphasis can be placed using behavioral targeting.

Do this by sending the appropriate message at the right time and generating the best possible targeted product suggestions.

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