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Cancer Day
Cancer Day
Close The Cancer Care Gap

Cancer is a baron word for many people. It’s the most dreaded & fearful disease of all times and can be life-threatening too. Cancer survivors, patients and their families fear Cancer every day and need proper support and guidance with Cancer care.

We have designed the campaign in such a way that it reaches out to a maximum number of audiences while being socially responsible at the same time. The initiative will help Cancer patients get timely diagnosis & treatment which helps in quick recovery from Cancer.

The KONZE’s extended family members generously took part in the drive wherein, fruits and other essential food items were distributed in the Civil Hospital on the World Cancer Day 2022.

Our gratitude reaches out to the doctors, medical team and nurses who helped us distribute the fruits, food and KONZE’s love.

We were also fortunate enough on the World Cancer Day 2022 that a local news media channel was excited & keen to cover the campaign by being part of the KONZE’s Initiative – Closing The Cancer Gap.

Konze has always been socially responsible – from being an active participant in social activities – donating towards charities – hosting food festivals for the less fortunate, clothes donation, etc.

We urge everyone to join hands with KONZE and help us do the good, spread love, and give back to the community in any and every form that we can.

Visit Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to know about cancer, key issues, campaigns & drives around the world and much more.


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