Cloth Donation

Let's Nurture this Winter, Let's Donate clothes

For KONZE it is another season and an another reason to spread the warmth. We as a company believe that there is an obligatory need to redefine our community and find a variety of ways to coming together and helping each other. We aim to uplift and empower the poor community of our society, that lack even basic necessities such as food and clothing by providing them clean clothing and fresh food.

With this idea in the heart, a month long CSR activity to donate clothes to the needy ones in the society was organized at the KONZE India office.

After crawling out of my cozy blanket, leaving the warmth and feeling the chill with every breath in these bone-freezing cold a thought that disturbed me is that while the privileged people usually just throw away old clothes, just because they are a little outdated and fashion keeps on changing, there is one section of our society that does not even have a pair of cloth to completely cover their body. I feel their helplessness.

I always believe in equality and work consistently towards empowering the underprivileged section of society in whichever way I can.

Co-Founder of KONZE Mr. Palak Shah

Our office team collected around 500 washed clothes, segregated them and distributed them to the underprivileged and vulnerable children in the slum areas of SP Ring Road and Motera area to help them with the basic need they are otherwise devoid of. The month-long CSR program across all business verticals of KONZE focused on supporting and encouraging such meaningful deeds.

Reaching out to the needy is the moral responsibility of every individual. There are many ways to help the people in need; and every small step counts, every effort makes a difference. I believe in the holistic development of society, all of us need to be in unity and move forward. If we leave our people behind, we stay behind; who will help them, if not us?

Sr. Human Resources Executive at KONZE Mr. Ketan Shrimali

KONZE is a people-centric company; positivity and optimism are reflected in our work culture. The entire staff participated very enthusiastically in this CSR activity and were very happy to be a part of this noble cause.

It is a fact that if we haven’t worn clothes for more than a year, then it’s time to let them go. But instead of throwing them away or just accumulating them in some corner of the house for no reason, why not donate them to the needy and poor.

Jr. Business Analyst Surbhi Singh

she added: “The most important part is this made me feel good and satisfied because I was doing something for a worthy cause”.

With the successful execution of the clothes donation program and the participation of the entire staff, KONZE is looking forward to amplifying its approach and efforts to bring a positive change in society. As a company, KONZE is quite conscious about the impact we can make in all aspects of society, including social, economic and environmental.