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Scale up your Edu-Immigration Business

Securely manage your customer data, work efficiently, and stay ahead in your Edu-Immigration Business with KONDESK’s multiple features in one place.
Edu-Immigration Business
Edu-Immigration Business
Edu-Immigration Business

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KONDESK strives an intention to deliver a one-stop solution for you to have a
smooth and secure experience.
Client 360° Service
KONDESK CRM allows you to easily manage leads, client accounts, and appointments all in one place. Book a demo of 360 view CRM today and say goodbye to the scattered data. More Information
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence of KONDESK helps you evaluate your business performance improve decision-making ability. Check reports on charts. More Information
Collaborative Workspace
A collaborative system for immigration consultants to increase employee efficiency and productivity. Task management. Communication Integrations. More Information
Commission & Agreement
Upload contracts, store agreements securely and manage the commission claiming process effortlessly with out end-user friendly interface. More Information
Company 360° Service
With the Company 360° feature of KONDESK, you can manage all the branches of your business and align various processes on a single platform. More Information
What you get on connecting with us!

Why choose KONDESK?

The Education and Immigration industry involves ongoing interaction with customers, a long, continuous application process, and demands many documents that need to be taken care of throughout. While All these are staples for an Edu- immigration industry, they can consume a lot of your time, and to all these hiccups, KONDESK can be your answer!
This is what we have to say to your “Why KONDESK?”
Industry-Specific CRM
KONDESK is unique for being one of its kind, Industry-specific CRM. Organize your work with industry-specific services and workflows to track and manage the process, focusing on the growth of your business.
Elimination of Manual Work
Introduce your Edu-immigration business to the Digitally rich features in the CRM and use these digitized operations to expedite and ease the process of working through File notes, Follow-ups, etc.
Holistic Management
Save Time, Smoothen the process, and Boost productivity with KONDESK’s one-stop solution. Manage multiple functions on one platform, secure data, and eliminate the chance of losing progress.
Integrations and Add-ons
With the additional tools made available in the CRM, pace up efficient and Streamlined working. The integrations are in place to provide an enhanced experience of managing your business.
Availability of Multiple Communication Channels
Simplify the way you communicate, both internally and externally with the presence of multiple communication channels. Cater to your clients and their enquiries through KONDESK.
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Your privacy is our Responsibility

We believe that trust is paramount in a relationship. We do not own or sellyour data, and we most certainly do not bank on advertising-based business models. The only way we make money is from the software license fees you pay us.

Integrations & Tools 

Ensure Maximum reach through one single Platform. 

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One Platform. Multiple Functions. Ease of Working Choose KONDESK for your Business Today!
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