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Agreement Management

Agreement Management System

Secure your agreements all at one place with KONDESK

Importance of Agreement Management

The industry of Education and Immigration demands a good network of different institutes and contractors to have onboard to provide easy and faster solutions to their clients seeking services. Forming these networks require a well-discussed, and conscientiously drawn agreement between parties to remain compliant throughout the processes and endorsing an efficient way of working.
To have in place an Agreement Management system, will eliminate hours of managing and securing agreements manually. The implementation of this system into your work will enhance the productivity, ensure safety of information and alignment with legal procedures.
Situations that can be challenging without a defined Agreement Management system
  • The lack of the system is causing you to be reliant on manual monitoring methods, making you prone to risk of manual errors and resulting inefficiency in work.
  • You, at times, are failing to keep up to the agreement deadlines and renewal dates.
  • You are facing challenges in securing your agreement details and maintain confidentiality of the agreement.
  • In case of an urgent requirement of information, you are flipping through the pages to find a single detail.
  • It is a challenge for you to manually keep all the agreements up to date and maintained to be adhering to the legal policies and rules.
Agreement Management System

Know what we Offer!

Explore our meticulous Agreement Management System
One Stop Agreement Management
Get all your agreements managed digitally, eliminating the need to depend on paper-based documents. This ensures mitigating the risk of data loss through a centralized system.
Maintenance of Data Accuracy
Keep your agreements updated with consistent editing of details. This lets you maintain accurate data to avoid any legal issues or rejections during the process.
Adherence to Deadlines
Be informed of the important dates and track deadlines to ensure that the upcoming tasks and renewals are taken up on time by the respective parties.
Manage Agreement Security
With the feature to define permission for user’s access to the agreements, protect and ensure confidentiality of information.
Maintain Financial Agreement
Define commissions, offers and bonuses for the respective parties according to the decided Financial agreement clause.
Agreement Management Key Features
Unlock Safety and organization of
Agreements with KONDESK
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