Agreement Control

Agreement Control

It is crucial and repetitive – Manage IT Effortlessly Now

Since you are in the Edu-immigration business, you need to keep a close eye on the agreements, be it with the universities or the contractors ( Financial agreements ). And it takes away your business hours that you cannot afford to lose.

Here is what might be your worry right now:

  • It’s a tedious job. 
  • You need to carefully monitor the sensitive information.
  • You have to worry about the safety and privacy of the agreements.
  • To deal with any concern, you need to dig deeper and find all the related documents. 

Well, all your worries vanish with KONDESK:

  • You have everything recorded digitally. 
  • You can view all the details at once place. 
  • You can edit, keep track of the expiry, or even download the agreements. 
  • You can manage the agreement with the institute or the agent in one place. 
  • And when it concerns the financial agreement where commissions are involved, you can directly raise an invoice. 

Stop burning your business hours on Agreement Control now.