Client Account & Invoice Settlement

Client Account Invoice Settlement

Client Account & Invoice Settlement

Why manage the transactions old style; when you can do it in a flick? 

If you are into the Edu-immigration business, by now you would have known that managing the invoices and the transaction are equally troublesome. Especially when you use conventional methods to manage them.

Moreover, tracking the payment modes for transactions, keeping their record, and updates is making the job difficult for your account and sales department.

How Invoice settlement can be a problem
for your Edu-immigration business?

  • Delay in refunds tarnishes your business reputation.
  • Not having all the details handy might result in you delivering less clarity to your clients.
  • Tracking the payment transaction will consume your productive hours.
  • Keep a track of the part payments is difficult.
  • You need to clear the dues in time to provide the best service to your clients.

How does KONDESK make it easy for you?

  • Kondesk allows you to get all the info like invoice details, lead detail, amount and more in one place.
  • With the CRM’s features, you can ask the client to make the payments.
  • You also can send an invoice to your clients for the services provided.
  • You can sort the invoice list based on multiple factors and can export it to excel.
  • With the ‘Download Invoice’ feature, you can download the invoice and share it with your client.

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