Coaching Management

Coaching Management

Embrace streamlining your processes and organizing your Tutor and student details with our inbuilt coaching management solution. Join us today to manage your Coaching Services requirements and the way you approach the overall journey of imparting a session with our smart solutions.

Why do you need a CRM for your coaching business?

  • With multiple aspects like Branches, Batches, Tutors, students, etc., it can be difficult to stay updated on every aspect in one go. The exclusive Coaching Dashboard, therefore, will give a quick overview of the scheduled sessions, analyze batches according to their statuses, get graphical analytics on the Proxy sessions, and track the count of students.
  • Managing student details, without an organized system can be a tough job involving the chances of losing information. With the Student Enrollment feature, Register, Track and Secure the student details according to the status of the student associated with the Coaching Service for multiple branches.
  • Maintaining a Tutor list and Tutor information, for all the multiple branches, can be tedious manual work, involving either piled-up papers or several Excel sheets. With the CRM, eliminate the paperwork and list all your Tutors, Edit the information, in one single place without juggling between papers or sheets.
  • With more than one batch and session in place, finding the suitable batch and session for the client can get confusing. Now, optimize and organize the available batches and sessions; bifurcate all the batches according to the status for quick processing.


As the CRM is designed to cater to the Edu- Immigration industry-specific requirements, the Coaching Module is thoughtfully developed to make the processes involved in coaching simpler and to keep the student data organized and secure.

Here’s what we have to offer:

coaching dashboard

Coaching Dashboard

With the Dashboard, get the session and batch details according to the statuses, the count of students, and the list of sessions lined up for the day.

tutor list

Tutor List

The feature of Tutor List will allow you to add new tutors, edit the information of the tutors as and when required, and secure the information in one single place.

batch location

Batch Location

The batch location option will let you add new locations for your batches, keep track of them, and update the locations according to availability and change, if any.

batch list

Batch List

The feature will enable the addition of new batches and keep track of the previously created and existing batches under three categories – Ongoing, Upcoming, and Completed.

student enrollement

Student Enrollment

With this feature of the coaching module, Enroll the students for the services, track the student details


Q: Can I delete an Upcoming batch before its start date?
No, the batch details for any Upcoming batches cannot be deleted, once it is created. You can only delete the batch once it is completed.

Q: Can I edit batch details after it’s successfully created?
No, the batch details cannot be edited once it is created. However, if you want to make changes to the batch’s details, you can create a new batch with the updated details.

Q: While enrolling a student, will all the leads available on the CRM be visible in the list?
No, while enrolling, you can search with the initials for your lead, and the list of leads who opted for coaching-related services only will be visible in the list.

Q: Can I undo the action of de-registering a student, once it is successfully de-registered?
No, once you confirm the de-registration of a student, you cannot retrieve the information. You will need to add the student again as a new Enrollment.

Q: Can I edit Tutor information as and when required?
Yes, once you add the Tutor details, you can edit or update the information whenever required by choosing Edit Tutor Info from the action menu on the Tutor List page.

One-stop solution for Coaching Management

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