Commission Management System

Commission Management System

Eliminate discrepancy in Commissions with KONDESK

Importance of Commission Management

The commission is an essential part of running a business and keeping the stakeholders motivated for the reward that they get through it. It is a feature for Financial Management that contributes to fostering overall operational efficiency, by minimizing administrative workload and the risk of errors.
Introducing Commission Management will pace up the rolling out time of your commissions, giving you an edge over the competitors and streamlining the whole process for the ease of managing and generating commission.
Situations that can be challenging without a structured Commission Management system
  • Resorting to manual methods is making your calculations prone to error.
  • Manually calculating commission is taking up hours for administrative work, impacting the efficiency of core immigration services.
  • With complex commission structures, without a defined system, your payments are getting delayed.
  • The growing network of agents and partners is making it challenging for you to manage the increased number of transactions without a system.
  • You have a lack of clarity and transparency for your agents on how the commission is being calculated.
  • There is a continuous risk to your sensitive financial information like your commission details without a secured system.
Commission Management System

Know what we Offer!

Explore our Efficient Commission Management System
Defined Institute details
Get your Institute details and agreement arranged in one place to effortlessly calculate the commission percent.
One stop for Agent information
Keep your agent details and the agreement structured in one place enabling the system to compute the commission for each lead of the agent.
Precise Commission calculation
Generate accurate commission, without any gap for error for your agents on time for a long and enthused business partnership.
Management of Commission Invoices
Create and manage the Invoices with all the required details effortlessly without any risk to the security of the data.
Analyze Commission through Reports
Through smart analytics, get reports generated with details of the total amount claimed and the total invoices created for commission.
Task Management KeyFeatures
Unlock Accuracy in payments
and Strong partnership with KONDESK
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