Commission Management

Commission Management

Commission Management

Managing Commissions correctly keep the business and the people running. 

Commission management is something that should be taken care of with utmost care, as a slight difference in the amount can create differences, and shake the trust between two parties. And guess, what?

Most of the Edu-immigration takes days to roll out the commission as they still follow the traditional methods of commission distribution. Well, it doesn’t only take away the real fun of getting the commission on time, but also the motivation of the people working with it.

What are the problems that have been stopping from managing
the commission at a quick pace?

  • Dealing with different parties, universities, authorities, and clients takes a longer turnaround time.
  • Managing the commission report takes hours to be prepared and processed.
  • Commission’s prepared based on the conventional calculation might leave a margin of error.
  • When comparing the commission distribution details with the actual report, it becomes a tedious job.

KONDESK’s Commission Management makes
your commission accurate and quick:

  • It allows you to manage the entire report of the agents in one place where you can check the details in clicks.
  • The sales forecast future allows you to find all the details about the lead, the institute and other related details.
  • Sales forecast also allows you to check out the bifurcation of the taxes and the commission all in one place.
  • Whereas, the commission invoice feature allows you to check the invoice details along with the institute name, number of students and more.

Relieve your stress of managing the commission. We can do it for you.

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