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Get an overview of all business activities and detailed information on multiple functions. KONDESK’s interactive dashboard provides you an insight into well-organized and real-time data for your business to help you map the crux of regular developments in your business.
The Dashboard changes the way you work, substituting conventional business methods with more efficient solutions using KONDESK Dashboard.

Features of Dashboard

  • Customize the dashboard by arranging functions priority-wise.
  • Track and Maintain the open invoices.
  • Track Open Leads along with the number of active employees working in the company.
  • Maintain different categories of leads and track them simultaneously.
  • Analyze and compare all monthly Sales reports with the Organized monthly sales reports statistics.
  • Be informed of all the Lead Sources and check the sources yielding most of the Leads.
features of dashboard

Advantages of Dashboard

Trend Identification for Business Planning
Identify all the important modifications and changes related to the business through the trends in the analytical data on the Dashboard and chart out your future strategies helpful to foster your business.
Real-Time Insights for Better Decision Making
Get real-time data and insights fetched without delay, simplifying the cluster of information to boost decision-making related to business processes.
Accurate Forecasting for a well-planned Business
Get the Transparency and Clarity of data to help with a projection of targets for the team. Simply compare the data and study the sales report to forecast the revenue plan and predict the target achievement for the business.
Freedom and Flexibility for Enhanced Experience
Customize and tailor the interface to organize your data by simplifying and breaking down all the complex data into comprehensible information to anticipate business needs and track performance.

Key Differences between Dashboard and Reports

Reports and Dashboards are essential in their way and have their limitations. Your need for data is what determines their differences.
Dashboards are your one-glance, combined overview of different functions of the organization in one place, which makes it optimum for the regular analysis to track the change in several leads, the priority of leads changing daily, or which lead source is yielding more leads.
Dashboards are designed to provide an interactive and dynamic representation of real-time data simplifying and making coherent analysis for you to make quick, informed decisions.
Whereas the reports will be beneficial when you need extensive data to get a clear picture of a certain specific function in detail to examine the data from the past to the present one. For instance, the Lead sources yielded better leads in the last quarter than the current one.
While, Reports, on the other hand, are static data representations for in-depth studying of the existing data to extract insights.
Unfold new insights and foster your Business with
KONDESK’s Interactive Dashboard.
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