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Document Management

Manage and Save Your Time with Our Document Management System

Documentation is an integral part of the industry like Education and Migration. However, Documentation is an ongoing process that demands time and requires precision in arranging them, which if done manually can take up hours of your day.
With KONDESK, you don’t have to spare hours only on requesting and organizing the documents. The Document Management feature of KONDESK will now save you time, and with it, you can effortlessly manage your clients’ documents while focusing on growing your business.

Features of Document Management

  • Maintain a separate document list based on the different services' requirements.
  • Assign the due date for submission with the documentation request.
  • Customize the lists and send the request.
  • Flexibility for Agents to collect the documents, and Bulk upload the documents.
  • Request the documents through Email or directly send links to the clients.
  • Download and Verify the documents uploaded by the Clients.
  • Bifurcate the documents based on the services, Government Rules, Client Agreements, and More.
  • Maintain Institute Management documents and offer letters securely.
features of document management

Advantages of Document Management

Organized List for Management of Time 
The structured list of documents saves time eliminating manual compilation of the document list for different services and easing the process.
Automated Reminders for Efficient Working
The process of creating and sending reminders will save you the hassle of calling or texting the clients personally to promote streamlined working.
Verification with Notifications for Clarity
Get to Download and verify the documents uploaded by the Clients, document and record the communication to relay a clear and transparent idea of document requirements.
Customize to Serve the Clients Better
Customize the document list for different clients and get the flexibility to modify it, according to varied Immigration Laws and terminology, on request.
Multiple Ways to Share/Upload Documents for Flexible Working
Get the flexibility to either Email, generate, and share a link or upload the documents, on behalf of the clients in one single click, saving hours and manual labour.
Make Document Management easy and more
organized with KONDESK.
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