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Task Management

Task Management

Manage all the tasks and their progress in one place.

Importance of Task Management

The process of Immigration includes different complex procedures that need careful consideration, organization, and work to complete them while adhering to the deadline. An efficient Task Management system can help you streamline the tasks in the pipeline for you to distribute and allocate them properly amongst your team, to work towards the common goal of making the client’s experience superior.
The introduction of Task Management in your business can prove to be an adoption of a new and smarter way of working, yielding enhanced tracking of task records, and faster resolution of tasks.
Situations that can be challenging without a structured Task Management system
  • All your tasks in the pipeline are haywire, making it difficult for you to scale all the cases or tasks correctly.
  • Allocating your tasks looks tedious and can hamper the clarity of tracking the accountability of the allocated tasks.
  • You have gaps in the priority of the task, and that is causing a delay in delivery.
  • You go back and forth to fetch the status update and details, instead of having it all in one place.
  • You are facing problems in organizing your workflows in a specific order, disrupting the efficiency of resources working and time.
Task management system

Know what we Offer!

Explore the Efficient Task Management System
Organized Tasks for time management
Get all your Tasks structured in a sequence and manage multiple tasks by planning to avoid any chances of redundancy and enable saving time.
Reminders to meet Deadlines
Create your Tasks and set reminders accordingly to eliminate the chances of missing out on deadlines and serving your clients without any delay.
Accountability for Better Execution
Allocate each task through the system, and be informed of the accountability of each task to ensure a timely implementation and completion.
Planned Tasks for Efficient Working
Get space to manage a large volume of tasks and plan the tasks according to priority. This will enable imparting the service without compromising on quality of service.
Enhanced Insights for Effective Decisions
Link the Reporting tool to Task Management and yield understanding in the form of a Task Report to analyze and track gaps. This will enable working towards improved productivity.
Task Management KeyFeatures

Statistical Representation With
our Task Management System be a spectator to

Meeting Deadlines
Enhanced Service Quality
Better Prioritization of Tasks
Improved Productivity
Organize and Manage with KONDESK’s Task Management System
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