Task Management

Task Management

Task Management

We have found the solution for your success’ biggest hurdle – Task Management

Your Task Management becomes systematic with our CRM 

Problems that accompany conventional task Management methods :

  • Managing multiple tasks becomes difficult with conventional methods.
  • Bifurcation or allocation of the tasks becomes tedious.
  • Getting updates from the salesperson consumes a lot of time.
  • For recurring tasks, it becomes difficult to go back to the details.
  • For every stage, you need to go back and forth to fetch the status updates and details.
  • Delays in delivering the required services harm your business.

How does KONDESK CRM helps you manage your task? 


Bifurcation Based on Priority and status:

With the options given to view all your tasks based on priority and status, it makes it easy for you to provide the required services on time.

For Example, a priority based list gives you bifurcation based on the priority level divided as high, medium, and low; whereas, the status wise bifurcation allows you to view based on its progress like not started, in process, cancel, completed, reopen, etc.

Comprehensive Task Management Dashboard: 

  • It allows you to view the completed, deleted, branch-wise, status wise details in clicks.
  • In the dashboard, you can bifurcate the task based only on their status category which is divided into all, overdue, not started, today, etc.
  • You can check the subject, task status, description, and priorities all in one place.
  • The notification setting allows you to set notifications or task alerts for various services via email, system and other methods.
  • You can even check for the reminder and mark the status as ‘recurring’ if the tasks are recurring.
  • And with the simple ‘Add’ button you can fill in the details and assign the task to the users, team leads and set in charge person for the task completion.
  • You can even set deadlines in the task allocation section.
  • Task codes allotted make it easy for you to follow up on the tasks.

With all these sub-features, the task management feature helps you increase the productivity of the team and help you serve the customers on time.

Streamline your tasks with KONDESK’s Task management.  The better you work. The bigger results you achieve. 

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