User Management

User Management

Get your users working smooth with KONDESK

Importance of User Management

Employees or Users are central to Education and Immigration business, like for any other business. They contribute to driving and shaping the services offered. The feature ensures allows smooth functioning of the work.
With User Management, introduce a way to manage the users and define roles and responsibilities for effective and smooth operations to extend quality services to the clients associated.
Situations that can be challenging without a defined User Management system
  • Absence of it is making it difficult to ensure and define the access of different employees as per the responsibilities.
  • With multiple users, you are struggling to arrange your users according to their expertise.
  • Without a structured system, you are facing difficulty in mapping and balancing workload distribution.
  • The absence of the system is resulting in gaps in managing the employee performance.
User management system

Know what we Offer!

Explore our Organized User Management System
One Stop Digital Repository
Store all your users profile details, and contract information in one place and edit the data as and when required without any hassle.
IP Restriction Solution
Define a specified and safe IP address range to keep your business data secure by limiting user access to the approved addresses according to the Company discretion policy.
Defining Permissions
Maintain the information integrity practices by defining the role-wise access according to the work requirements and responsibilities.
Tailor your Signatures
Customize your Email signatures according to your Role from the varied signature templates available.
User Management Key Features
Define empowering ways of managing
Users with KONDESK
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