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To push leads from Facebook to your KONDESK, here are the complete following steps:
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Kondesk Platform
Published Date
March 27, 2023
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  • The Facebook integration into KONDESK sets up a seamless transfer of your lead data from your Facebook accounts to your KONDESK CRM. It allows you to track all your leads from Facebook in real-time, by syncing your Facebook LeadGen form with KONDESK.
  • You must have an active Facebook ads page with a LeadGen form on it.
  • You must have an active Facebook Business.

To push leads from Facebook to your KONDESK, here are the complete following steps:

  • Integrate Facebook to the KONDESK using Authentication click on the “Configure” and fill the credentials the account will be connected to the KONDESK.
  • After the integration list of Facebook pages will be visible/click on the “Map Facebook form filed with KONDESK” to view the list of pages.
  • Map the Facebook form fields to the corresponding KONDESK lead fields.
  • Allow the Lead access permission to transfer lead data from Facebook to KONDESK
  • The leads will be visible in the Enquiry section in the Active Online Enquiry.
  • Create a test lead on Facebook, and ensure the lead data is pushed to KONDESK
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