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Features Free Lite
Leads Management Check SVG Check SVG
Multi-Channel Enquiries Management - Check SVG
Tasks Management Check SVG Check SVG
Appointments Management Check SVG Check SVG
Users Management Check SVG Check SVG
Institute Agreement Management - Check SVG
Institute Commission Management - Check SVG
Agent Commission Management - Check SVG
Report Management Check SVG Check SVG
Role-Based Access - Check SVG
Users Login Tracking - Check SVG
IP Restriction - Check SVG
Invoices & Payments Check SVG Check SVG
Lead Public API - Check SVG
Document Checklist Check SVG Check SVG
Services & Dynamic Workflow - Check SVG
Customised Dashboard - Check SVG
Basic Dashboard Components Check SVG Check SVG
Visa Fees Calculator - Check SVG
Fund Calculator - Check SVG
GSM Calculator - Check SVG
Business Visa Calculator - Check SVG
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Within Gujarat, 9% CGST and 9% SGST will be applicable.
For Other States, 18% IGST will be applicable.

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We are always happy to resolve your queries; ask us anything that concerns you.

Yes, we allow you a 15-day FREE trial period to use the product and find how beneficial it is for your Edu-immigration business.

Your data is completely secure with our platform as it is the user who creates the login credentials. A user can also integrate the document storage path controlled by himself.

To enhance the user experience and to guide a user at every stage, we have a dedicated account manager for product review, demo, and support.

Yes, you get customer support even if you have a FREE plan. You can also mail your request for assistance to However, you can also click on the 'Get Support' tab to get support.

Yes, you can switch between the monthly and yearly plans as per your need.

No, you can enjoy using our services without having to save your credit card details.

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