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Konsign is an innovative way of getting your document signed by E-signature. It gets your paperwork done without paper. It helps you save time, money, paper, and contribute towards the paper-free environment.

It is the most secure and most comfortable way of getting your paperwork done in a few clicks. Save Paper, Tree & Future.

What are the Unique Features of Konsign?

What makes Konsign more than just "Easy To Use, Simple To Understand & Quick To Learn"?

Flexile Workflow

Instant and
Flexible Workflow

With, in the cloud technology stay up-to-date and start instantaneously and with formative workflow, send the document to maximum people and in a specific order.


& Secure

All Documents are secured by SSL encryption & secure AWS server with high performance. Not only your document gets the best privacy but also you get notified on any activity on your documents


to Create

Create a Default Document Or use a template. You can create a default document file or choose from the given default templates that can be used to upload for E-signing.


Add-ons to
the Document

Once the document gets prepared, you can choose your style of signature, create your signature, or upload it and also add on the other fields required to be filled or used by the receivers.


to share

You can securely share your document, through your computer, google drive, or drop box with your contacts. After selecting contacts share it easily with any number of signers/receivers by alloting the signing sequence.

Document Information

Accounting of
the Document

The history of every single activity on your document like IP address, type of machine source & platform used; all this information will be maintained.

How it Works

Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

With the known fact that producing papers affect the environment adversely by using trees and water for its production, it has become a matter of concern. And to fight this, we, at Konsign, have decided to reduce the office waste by 70% with the e-signing concept, and hence we are trying to make a difference.

Find the Right Plan

Flexible pricing that scales with your business.

asked questions

Have concerns that need attention? Let us take care of your all queries related to e-signature!

Konsign is an Electronic signature platform that helps you to get your documents E-signed safely & securely.

When someone sends you the document for E-signing through Konsign; you will receive a link to the document in your Email. Click on the link and follow the steps:

And when you accept to sign the document; you will have to create your signature:

Click on the signature, and it will redirect you to the window where you can create your signature.

Choose the option mentioned below and proceed:

  1. A new window will pop on the right, asking you to “enter your name” or initials. In doing so, some specific predefined signature will be suggested to you both with your complete name and the initials.
  2. With the option given to “Draw” your signature; you can draw and start using the signature for the signing purpose.
  3. You can also upload an image of your signature and use it as a signature for the document.

Login to the Konsign for FREE on a trial basis or register and start experiencing the magic of E-signing.

Add your signature by either choosing from the given templates, draw it or upload a file.

Yes! It is entirely safe, as the data is protected by SSL encryption & secure AWS server.

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