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Have concerns that need attention? Let us take care of your queries regarding all things e-signature!

Konsign is an Electronic signature platform that helps you to get your documents E-signed safely & securely.

When someone sends you the document for E-signing through Konsign; you will receive a link to the document in your Email. Click on the link and follow the steps:

And when you accept to sign the document; you will have to create your signature:

Click on the signature, and it will redirect you to the window where you can create your signature.

Choose the option mentioned below and proceed:

  1. A new window will pop on the right, asking you to “enter your name” or initials. In doing so, some specific predefined signature will be suggested to you both with your complete name and the initials.
  2. With the option given to “Draw” your signature; you can draw and start using the signature for the signing purpose.
  3. You can also upload an image of your signature and use it as a signature for the document.

Login to the Konsign for FREE on a trial basis or register and start experiencing the magic of E-signing.

Add your signature by either choosing from the given templates, draw it or upload a file.

Yes! It is entirely safe, as the data is protected by SSL encryption & secure AWS server.

Every kind of document can be signed, except the legal binding documents.

To add signers, upload your contacts from the contact list and to do so upload a CSV file or an excel file. You can also add the contacts manually.

Become a Konsigner and get started with start now and upload a document by dragging or dropping from the computer, choose from the computer or upload from the computer or click the link given here.

From the ADD signers, you can add the contact manually or also upload a file directly.

CSV is a “Comma-separated values” file which is used to store your contact list often.

Template of the document is a format in which you can prepare your document for e-signing and are of 2 types i.e. system and custom.

You can add a signature field, signature date and also you can add a label, text box, and notes etc. which are useful for the signing of the document.

It’s a group of list or actions which you allow the recipient to take during the E-signing process.

To give you the taste of the best E-signing platform we allow you to enjoy the services for 30 day in which you can send documents for FREE.

To recover the password, click on Forgot password and a link to reset the password a link will be sent to the registered email.

If a recipient disagrees with signing, you will be informed instantly, and if changes are required, you can make it and get it e-signed.

The maximum expiry limit of the document is 90 days from the date of the request to sign the document.

Yes! Your documents will be saved in Konsign for future references and you can delete the documents only by yourself after the work finishes.

No, there is no need to get additional software for the e-signing of the document on Konsign.

No. You can sign in by your email id; however, it is a platform that you cannot resist from joining.

Your sender will allow you to add delegate and if he has allowed you then from more actions, you can add a delegate by entering a name, email address and a message for him and then click submit.

Once you are requested to sign a document, you will receive a link from which you will be re-directed to Konsign page where on accepting and entering the access code given you can go ahead with the process of E-signing the document.

A Delegate is a person whom the recipient authorizes for the signing the documents.

Yes! You (as a sender) and as well the recipient who has authorized will be notified for the delegate’s action on the document.

A Electronic signature is based on a technology that is non-forgeable, and it is not vulnerable to copying and tempering, unlike the electronic signature. It also claims the signer authenticity and data integrity of the signed documents.

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