eSignature for Nonprofit

eSignature for
Nonprofit Organization

Simplify Your Document Workflow with KONSIGN
Are you tired of dealing with cumbersome paperwork and manual signatures for your nonprofit organization’s documents? Streamline your document signing process with KONSIGN, the leading electronic signature solution tailored for nonprofit organizations. Say goodbye to the hassle and embrace the convenience of secure and efficient digital signatures.

Why Choose KONSIGN for Your
Nonprofit Organization?

Templates Management
KONSIGN enables the creation and customization of templates for frequent documents like forms, enhancing administrative efficiency.
Document Tracking & Audit Log
This feature allows real-time tracking and auditing of essential documents, increasing visibility and preventing loss.
Set the Signature Order
KONSIGN streamlines the process of obtaining signatures in a specific order, speeding up document handling.
Maintain consistent branding by customizing electronic documents with your institution's logo and colors using KONSIGN.
Security and Compliance
KONSIGN ensures the security and protection of sensitive data, complying with regulatory standards.
Easy to Share and Integration (DMS)
Sharing and integrating signed documents is made effortless through KONSIGN, simplifying the transition to electronic signatures.
Integration (DMS)
Integrate KONSIGN with your existing Document Management System for a unified, efficient workflow.

Unlock the Potential of
KONSIGN: Use Cases for NGOs

  • Vendor and Affiliate Agreements
  • Government Contracts and Grants
  • Donation Signup
  • Volunteer Signup
  • Waiver Forms
  • Membership Renewal Documents
  • Project and Timesheet Approvals
  • Expense Reporting
  • HR Documents
  • Event Registrations
  • Finance and Legal
  • Sponsorship Documents

Experience the Power of Electronic Signatures with KONSIGN

Tired of complex paperwork slowing down your nonprofit organization’s transactions? Discover the transformative impact of KONSIGN’s electronic signature solution. Simplify your document workflow, reduce administrative burden, and enhance productivity. Embrace the future of digital signatures with KONSIGN and take your Nonprofit organization’s transactions to the next level.
Ready to Get Started? Sign up for KONSIGN or Request a Demo Today!
Don’t let paperwork hold you back. Click the button below to sign up for KONSIGN and revolutionize your nonprofit organization’s document signing process. Alternatively, if you’d like to see KONSIGN in action before making a commitment, request a demo to experience firsthand how it can simplify and streamline your workflow.
Embrace the digital transformation in Nonprofit organizations with KONSIGN Efficient, Secure, and Powerful
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