Five Reasons That Make the Electronic Signature More Effective
Five Reasons That Make the Electronic Signature More Effective
December 15, 2022 | 6 min read

Often Electronic signature is not paid heed because of the unawareness of how effective it can be for your business, where you require bundles and bundles of documents to be signed consuming both your time and money.

Let’s discuss a few points that will give you enough reasons to switch to this convenient, cost-effective mode of Electronic Signature.

How has the Electronic Signature Become the Wisest Move for the Business

1- Quick and Easy Process

Getting your documents signed has various methods that include the conventional method of pen and paper and the method of sending the document to a signer, getting it printed, signed, and sending it to another signatory further. And if there are any changes after one of the signatories has signed, then the entire process must be repeated.

Every step in this process involves time and the total time consumed becomes higher, leading to the delay in the process.

Whereas, during electronic signature, the signer sends it to the signatories who can sign off within seconds using E-sign even with their mobile phones. This turnaround or retraction adds to the utility in time-sensitive situations.

TheE-signature platformalso needs to be easy to use with simple steps to follow to complete the signing process where you have to upload the document and sent it to the signatories with access codes from your contact list.

The steps that are to be followed are made keeping in mind the motive of saving time with no loopholes in the signing process.

2- Cost-effective

The Electronic Signature method is cost-effective when compared to the conventional process which requires printing, posting or other supplies that would include not only money but also time, which over the years add up to make a huge difference.

Apart from this, the conventional method included extra costs of storing and securing paper documents. Whereas Electronic Signature is a cloud-based technology through which you can access documents from any place, at any time.

3- No Boundaries – Go Global

Unlike the traditional way where, when the authorized signatory used to be out of town, it would halt the process for those days, which affected the business.

But electronic signatures see no boundaries it builds a bridge between you and the signatory sitting miles away. Thus making it convenient to use at any place, anywhere, and at any time.

Additionally, you can also enjoy all these benefits in easing your workflow and process if you are having different locations to look after for the work process.

4- Security at Its Best

The essential thing while opting for an electronic signature platform is to choose one with the most reliable and secure platform.

Most of the platforms are safe and secure to use as they are protected by secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption which maintains data integrity and privacy. The data is also secured based on the Public key infrastructure (PKI) method. PKI allows the signatory to sign the document by providing them with the signing key, digital id, or access code which is limited to a particular signatory.

For example, while you are sending a document throughKONSIGN- an electronic signatureplatform, you enter the signatory details and also provide them with the access code which is different from a different user.

Apart from the above benefits, there are additional measures that an electronic signature platform follows to be a secure online service:

  1. The electronic signature platform identifies the signatory quickly; as it takes the credentials and verifies them.
  2. It seeks approval from a signatory whether he is willing to go ahead with the Electronic signing or not.
  3. The creation of the signature is under the control of the signatory.
  4. Every change that is made to the document during the entire process is tracked and the system will notify you of any activity on your documents.

5- Globally Recognized

The electronic signature is legally recognized because it identifies the signatory and tracks the entire process, and it also assures data integrity. It is an online platform that could be carried out from anywhere without any hurdles, and it is accepted globally.

With the growing pace and time, the pressure of taking your business to new heights always remains. To ease such a burden andget your document signingwork; which consumes an ample amount of time, money, and human resources; electronic signatures play a significant role here.

It’s high time when you have to switch to this convenient and secure method of Electronic signature.

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