How does a CRM for Lead Management Helps Education & Immigration Agents?
How does a CRM for Lead Management Helps Education & Immigration Agents?
December 20, 2022 | 7 min read

An impressive 74% of organizations that use CRM software say that the platform has added positively to their understanding and management of customer data. Not only this, 50% of salespeople agree that manual paperwork and reporting waste much time of their workday. CRM software can easily tackle these herculean tasks as the team gets to focus on strategizing and executing crucial strategies while repetitive tasks are performed automatically.

There are many benefits of CRM for immigration consultants including lead generation, lead management, financial management, administrative tasks, reporting and analysis, and much more. The biggest of these advantages is probably lead management as this task is the most arduous for any immigration consultant. Let’s delve deeper into how CRM for lead management can assist the growth of an Edu migration consultancy.

CRM Lead Management Software: Benefits

Lead management is the most crucial part of an immigration consultancy business. It includes managing clients’ data, being on top of every lead’s status, following up consistently, solving doubts and queries, managing service offerings to each lead, assigning representatives evenly, scheduling appointments, payment processes (including refunds), and much more.

Now, imagine a modest team of 20 people running an immigration consultancy business, and wanting to grow every quarter. It’s practically impossible as each step of the way would be laced with infinite manual and repetitive tasks which can, under any circumstance, go wrong and wreak havoc on the said lead. Unanswered queries or mistakes in client handling in an unorganized workflow can lead to massive losses for education and migration agents.

This is where CRM Software can help Edu-migration consultancies. Here are the major benefits of CRM for Lead Management:

Lead Generation & Storing Information

CRM software can capture data on a business’ prospects or prospects that have turned into customers. This helps to store all the information in one place automatically and saves crucial time as sales executives don’t have to do a constant back and forth using tedious spreadsheets. CRM software automates this workflow and is prone to minimal error, which increases an Edu migration business’ efficiency. In fact, immigration consultants can even use CRM with social media integration to collect responses and inquiries in one place and even derive crucial insights for targeting new customers.

CRM software for the education industry is a wise investment and has greater chances to help a business grow than age-old manual ways of targeting, managing, and searching for leads.

Categorizing Leads Efficiently

Every customer would utilize different services of an immigration consultancy business. While some students and their parents might need help with coaching, others might require help only with the application process, or any other service offered. Categorizing each lead according to services availed is supremely significant for an Edu migration agent. Otherwise, a slight mistake in this record can lead to major faults in payment processing and calculation, thereby inducing a loss for the business. CRM software can help to categorize each lead accurately and even calculate the payment, help in the whole payment process, and initiate refunds (if needed).

Bid adieu to the need of making tables of categorization data; utilize their time for something more important – like providing a superior customer experience.

Boosting Collaboration, Allotting Leads Evenly, and more

Gone are the days when the management had to allot each prospect to a certain salesperson to ensure timely response and handle inquiries efficiently. With CRM for Lead Management, each member of the sales team is automatically allotted leads so that the work pressure is distributed evenly. In fact, the managers wouldn’t need to take rigorous updates from the team as everything would be uploaded on the CRM software.

The transparency and efficiency of a workflow increase once the immigration software is introduced to the team. Each document shared with a prospect, the documents left to be shared, additional information or comments, etc are all stored on the platform for the whole management to see at any point in the conversion cycle. In case a particular lead requires more than one person to take ownership, the CRM software can facilitate that too. It can also take the lead from one step to another, and take it forward to the senior manager after the salesperson is done briefing the client and handling queries.

Another benefit of CRM for the education industry is its accuracy in managing and storing accurate data on the payment due. It can even process payments on time and send reminders to the business if needed.

Compliance Documents & Agreement Sharing

Education and Migration Agents can view and share compliance documents in reference to a particular lead using CRM software for Lead Management. Furthermore, consultants can generate, share and sign agreements once the lead turns into a customer. In a nutshell, CRM allows an Edu Migration Consultancy to automate the whole workflow without any added hassle and decreases the chances of erroneous processing of payments or information. Some next-generation CRM software can also manage administrative tasks efficiently and immigration consultants can reap massive benefits through the application.

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