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Lead Management Solution

Get a complete picture of Leads, organized andmanaged in one single place 

Concept of Lead Management

When the Edu-Immigration business industry is discussed, the management of Leads is one the most talked about topics, and the central area to ponder upon. Leads paint a picture of a business and their management will pave the way for the company. Lead Management is a process involving the stages typically beginning the moment an enquiry is received and verified to be authentic. The captured lead is then segregated and registered to move forward to be nurtured till it finally converts into a successful client, initiating the business. 
5 things that can go wrong with Lead Management without a CRM
  • You are managing your Lead list and related services separately, and losing time manually collating all of it.
  • Your Lead related personal, and financial information is at a high risk of getting breached.
  • You are falling behind in tracking the Lead activities and follow-ups without an organized and defined process.
  • You might lose out on clients for not being able to manage their diverse needs and being unable to respond timely.
  • You cannot judge the Lead Quality and end up spending more time on a lead that lacks interest.
5 Things

Turn down the Lead Leakage meter to ZERO!

Collate your Leads from all sources securely with our CRM
Capture the Offline Leads
With KONDESK, securely capture all the offline Leads that you get through Walk-ins, Lead List import, etc.
Capture the Online Leads
Get Leads from different Online channels like Social Media, Ads, etc. listed in the CRM.
Capture Leads from Third Party
Receive Leads through Referrals and third-party websites like Sulekha, etc.

A walk through what we Offer!

Streamline the management of Leads
No Juggling between Spaces
Get your Leads incoming from multiple sources in One place to centralize the Lead information database, maintain and study Lead Profiles, and Prioritize them.
Be informed of all the Lead Communication
Keep communication central to nurturing the lead by easily keeping track of the conversations and outcomes through File Notes and Follow-ups.
Opportunity to Customize Workflows
Unlock the flexibility of tailoring the workflows and including the custom fields for the Lead details and management to cater to different needs.
Monitor Lead Activity
Map the changes for your leads and stay informed throughout their journey. Track the activities and the status to plan and act accordingly.
No more Manual Allocation 
Join our Lead Management to successfully assign your leads to the best-suited Agents for the services opted for in just a few clicks.

Working of Lead Management System

Let’s delve into the understanding of how the KONDESK Lead Management System works
Capturing the Leads
Begin with getting your Leads captured from multiple sources to be stored in one single place.
Assigning the Leads
Moving forward, distribute the Leads and assign them to the users according to the business requirements and strategies to get a positive outcome.
Qualifying the Leads
In this step, the users take up to verify the details, judge the Lead quality, and prioritize them to cater to the services they are looking for.
Following up and Nurturing
Based on the prioritization and bifurcation follow-up on leads, enable to engage with Leads frequently, monitor their progress, and outcome to nurture them throughout to achieve positive conversion rates.
Working of Lead Management System

Switch to KONDESK Lead Management
to Witness

Lead Data Leakage Preservation
Enhanced Lead Engagement
Up to 48%
Higher Revenue 
Lead Reach
Witness better Management, enhanced Efficiency, and higher Lead Engagement with KONDESK
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