How KONDESK can help you grow your immigration business?
How KONDESK can help you grow your immigration business?
December 16, 2022 | 4 min read

A product steeped in innovation, KONDESK is a custom-built, 360-view CRM, that enhances business operations in the Education and Migration industry.

Born out of the need for a superior CRM system in the industry – KONDESK encapsulates everything you and your staff will need for the superior delivery of your existing and future services. It is KONZE’s firmest belief that products of this caliber are able to overhaul current systems to herald an era of true tech innovation.

How Kondesk can help you enter the world of technological efficiency

When you adopt a CRM, you are most likely moving away from a legacy system.

Legacy systems, such as Microsoft Excel sheets, introduce lethargy to your business processes. You are unable to handle a large volume of leads and it’s guaranteed to waste a lot of your time and effort.

With Kondesk, you are provided with tools and features that facilitate the ease of business. Through the introduction of filters, reminders, and priority systems, this is truly a CRM for lead management.

These benefits, eventually trickle down to an enhanced client experience. Progress tracking, note-taking, and viewing client history have never been easier.

We have even gone as far as to think about your accounting requirements, with Xero CRM integration. We also build on this through integrations such as Stripe, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

So, how does KONDESK help you?

  • It’s a CRM for lead management
  • It’s a CRM with email integration
  • It’s a 360-view CRM
  • It’s a CRM of the future

Pros of KONDESK:

  • Streamlines business processes
  • Efficient and superior lead management
  • Heightened communication efficiency
  • Easy generation of a variety of reports

Features of KONDESK:

  • Client 360* services– A revamped system to ensure higher client satisfaction through comprehensive lead management with appointment flexibility and client account & invoice settlement.
  • Business intelligence– Understand how your business can improve is key to strategizing business decisions. With an intuitive dashboard, improved document management, and the ability to generate reports & analytics, Kondesk has you covered.
  • Collaborative workspace– Teamwork and collaboration are important for business productivity. Embrace a CRM that has task management, integrated communications, and a coaching module to make the most of your work.
  • Commission & agreement– As a business in the Education & Migration industry, you are undoubtedly going to be dealing with sensitive documents and agreements. You now have access to a commission management module, with agreement control and scholarship & referral features.
  • Company 360* services– Get an instant overhead view of your business operations (whether small or big), through modules such as user management, custom workflows, administrative features, and definable HR processes.

Why you should opt for KONDESK CRM?

  • One platform for all the work you will ever do.
  • Works from anywhere, on any popular browser
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Excellent support

Integrations available:

  • Konze sister products SearchMyANZSCO, KONPARE and KONSIGN
  • Cloud storage services such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and AWS
  • Stripe as a payment integration and Xero as an accounting software integration
  • Yahoo, Outlook, Zoom, Servetel, and Lucep

Third-party tools:

  • Fund calculator
  • Visa Fee Calculator
  • Point Test Calculator
  • QR Code Visiting Card generator

Our additional services at no extra cost:

  • Assistance for first-time setup
  • Data migration from old to new systems
  • Customizing service workflows according to business operation
  • Customizing lead forms according to business requirements
  • Product demos on request
  • Training for you and your staff for using KONDESK optimally
  • Curated customer service directly provided by our in-house support team
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