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Learn the Best Ways to Nurture Your Leads with A CRM Tool
Learn the Best Ways to Nurture Your Leads with A CRM Tool
February 06, 2024 | 8 min read

The question here is, why does this happen?

Is it because of not using a proper system or a CRM for lead management or a proven lead handling method?

Well, lead nurturing is way above the lead handling methods. You cannot just reach out to the prospects be pushy and get sales, there is a reason why, the sales industry has a Sales Funnel.

There are Three Different Segments in the Sales Funnel:

  • TOFU – The top of the funnel leads, these leads do not require you to be an aggressive seller; you need to educate these leads and build trust.
  • MOFU – The middle of the funnel leads, these leads only need a solid reason to buy from you. You need to tell them about the services you offer.
  • BOFU – Well, the bottom-of-the-funnel leads are the first ones to be your prospects, they only need you to tell them how you are delivering them a service.

Well, even if you have a CRM tool, unless you know the best practices for lead nurturing, you may fail to get the desired sales numbers.

So, let’s begin with understanding how we can make the most of the CRM Tool even if we are using a CRM for immigration consultants, a CRM for lead management, a CRM for education consultants and even a collaborative CRM.

List of Content:

  • Best Practice for Lead Nurturing using a CRM Tool
  • Benefits of using a CRM Tool

Best Practices for Lead Nurturing using a CRM Tool:

Know Which CRM Tool is the Right Fit:

You have to begin by understanding which CRM tool suits the best for your business. Check if the CRM Tool has all the functionalities that your business will need and in addition, also check if the CRM is easy to educate and use even by the other counterparts. Also, see how the CRM Tool reduces your efforts by automating certain processes.

Make the Most of It:

Once you have successfully adopted a CRM Tool, you must know how to make the most out of it. You need to integrate it with all the lead sources you have, empower the CRM with the additional tools for Calling or Emails, and also make sure that it monitors all the customer conversations and keeps the records segmented and handy. You can even use personalised and targeted emails.

Set Lead Criteria:

You should be able to set qualifying criteria for all the sales leads depending upon your awareness about whom to serve, what to serve and how much to serve. If you are confused go back to reading the sales funnel segments. This step is the most important step to set your journey, especially if you are using a CRM for immigration consultants or education consultants as you cannot invest in every lead.

Mark the Leads:

Once you are done qualifying the leads, you must mark all the checkpoints for other leads according to priority. Start assigning them to your team. Keep track of the progress and every conversation with the customer.

Clear the Bottlenecks:

Make sure your sales and marketing team interact as much as they can to get an idea about the bottlenecks at each step of all the services you provide. You must know what you can offer and how to convert the customer by regularly monitoring the sales funnel reports.

Analyse the Data:

Once you start hitting the numbers, the foremost point on your priority list is to analyse the data, conversion ratio, the hurdles, and the cost behind managing all of this. With thorough analysis with the help of the detailed data provided by your CRM tool, come up with amendments to improve the process, updating the criteria and even targeting the lost leads.

Post-Sales Support:

Selling a service is not the end-point, it is the starting point of the relationship between your consumer and you. Make sure all the data, services, conversations with the customer, and offerings are handy with the post-sales support department. All of these will decrease the awkwardness between the customer and the support team. This will increase the confidence of the customer in you.

After you have known all these practices of lead nurturing with a CRM Tool, you must also know why lead nurturing is important.

Here are Some of the Benefits of Using a CRM Tool:

  • Better lead nurturing will give you a higher ROI.
  • If the lead nurturing is done pretty well, you develop a longer customer relationship.
  • Lead nurturing will even help you boost your brand awareness through strongly believed mouths of words.
  • Better lead nurturing with CRM Tool will help you gain references, ultimately reducing your lead acquisition cost.
  • With detailed sales reports and analytics, you can make accurate sales forecasting and plan your future actions.
  • Effective lead nurturing will save your team a lot of time that could be utilised to bring in more numbers and keep them motivated.


Knowing which CRM Tool to use is as important as learning these Lead Nurturing skills. The CRM Tools can help you streamline processes that yield results and help grow your business as expected.

There are CRM Tools that are specially designed for certain industries, like KONDESK, it is one of the best CRM for Education and Immigration consultants that has developed features that comply with the business processes. It is one of the best CRM Tools that manage the leads in the most efficient manner, where you can record all the leads from different sources, and keep track on the conversation and progress of the prospects.

Invest in the right CRM Tool to ease the business processes and grow exponentially.

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